ZenBusiness vs. Northwest Registered Agent (Who’s #1?)

Are you looking for an incorporation service to assist you in starting a business but are unsure which one is best for you? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place.

Given all of the companies offering LLC formation services, such as ZenBusiness and Northwest Registered Agent, we understand how difficult it may be to determine which one is best for you and your business. So, to assist you in arriving with the best selection possible here is an in-depth comparison guide that will go over the key characteristics of both ZenBusiness and Northwest Registered Agent.

We will reveal their strengths and weaknesses, similarities and differences, the customers’ reviews, the answers to customers’ most commonly asked questions, and even declare the service that works best.

Surely you are curious which service provider is the greatest fit for incorporating your new business. Is it going to be ZenBusiness or Northwest Registered Agent? Let’s find out.

Overal value
Ease of use

$39 + state fees

Overall value
Ease of use

$35/mo + state fees

ZenBusiness and Northwest Comparison Overview

Before we connect you to the full comparison of ZenBusiness and Northwest Registered Agent, we have below the factors we used to assess both organizations in order to reach our ultimate decision.

Main Comparison Criteria:

  • Cost Efficiency
  • Track Record and Reliability
  • Customer Service Quality
  • Ease of Process
  • Service Speed

After reviewing both services, we discovered that they both offer unique features that set them apart from one another. However, ZenBusiness is certainly the winner of this match, as it offers good value for money in terms of services and packages.

ZenBusiness proved that it prioritizes customers and their businesses. They not only came out on top as the best business formation service provider, but we also found their pricing to be fantastic, competitive, and unquestionably customer-friendly, with their cheapest package costing only $39! (plus state fee).

They have even built a positive online profile as the majority of their customers’ feedback is entirely positive, with high average rating scores. These just prove how committed this organization is to stay loyal to its purpose of assisting new entrepreneurs in establishing and managing their enterprises through a low-cost, high-quality service.

To further convince you, you will witness in the next sections how ZenBusiness outperformed Northwest Registered Agent in almost all of our comparison criteria, the reason why we highly recommend ZenBusiness to anyone who visits our site.



Packages and Service Pricing

Similarities Between ZenBusiness and Northwest Registered Agent


  • Highly Commended

Before choosing an online legal assistant to help you out with your business, checking customer reviews should definitely be your initial step, as they reflect a lot about the companies you are considering. Well, with ZenBussiness and Northwest Registered Agent, this will not be a concern since this is a distinguishing feature of both. Though ZenBusiness has a larger number of reviews than Northwest, the majority of consumer feedback reveals that they are excelling on their expertise.

  • FREE Registered Agent Service Inclusion

All of ZenBusiness’s and Northwest Registered Agent’s LLC formation packages include a full year of free registered agent service. When incorporating a corporation, every LLC must appoint a registered agent to receive pertinent documents from the state. Although it will only be free for a year, this is certainly preferable to not having one.

  • Professional Customer Support

Both of these services offer fantastic customer service representatives that are capable of providing exceptional assistance to their consumers. They have knowledgeable and experienced customer service representatives who can answer difficult questions and manage complicated situations.

Zenbusiness offers customer service by phone, email, and a web-based chat interface. The customer support staff is courteous and knowledgeable, and they respond to your queries and issues within one business day.

Northwest, on the other hand, provides personalized customer service for each client account. On every step of the LLC formation procedure, an assigned staff will assist a specific customer. When the customer encounters an issue, he or she will be able to contact the designated person directly.

  • Clean Track Record

In 1998, Northwest Registered Agent was established. To date, they have created about two million corporate entities. According to their website, they are currently working with over 200 clients every day. However, their website only has hundreds of client reviews. All of these reviews, however, are positive.

ZenBusiness, on the other hand, is a relatively new player in the industry since they were only founded in 2015. Despite having more experienced competition, they gained a great deal of client trust and helped thousands of businesses start and grow. They remain one of the leading business formation service providers, attracting more entrepreneurs to choose them.

  • Speed and Efficacy

ZenBusiness and Northwest Registered Agent are both swift when it comes to forming your LLC. They can process your formation with the state in only a few days or in 3-4 weeks, depending on your state. They not only process your order same-day, but they also give short turnaround periods, especially when you get their premium package or their expedited option.

  • Additional Services

Most of the time, you do not only file formation documents to form an LLC, but you also take a number of other processes to keep your business activity in compliance with state rules in the long run. The good thing is that ZenBusiness and Northwest Registered Agent both provide a variety of different services to assist you with these, ensuring that you only focus on growing your business rather than paperwork.


Side-by-Side Comparison of Their LLC Services

ZenBusiness Cost Efficiency

With small business owners in mind, ZenBusiness has meticulously and successfully crafted a three-tiered system for its formation and incorporation packages.

For starters, they have a $39-per-year Starter plan that includes the three essentials of business formation: the drafting and filing of your Articles of Organization or Incorporation, a year of registered agent service, and an Operating Agreement or Corporate Bylaws.

Meanwhile, upgrading to their $149/year Pro plan adds a managed yearly report and compliance management service, an EIN, expedited filing service, and a banking resolution template to the Starter plan’s perks, making this plan extraordinary and well worth the money.

The Premium option, which costs $249 per year, is likewise a decent investment in our opinion. However, the first two packages are our favorites because no other bundles can match them.

As you can see, all three tiers include the services we believe are essential for a business formation and are designed to accommodate enterprises of all sizes, with the higher tiers providing a choice of additional beneficial services.

When comparing the rates and inclusions of ZenBusiness and Northwest Registered Agent, you can plainly see that there is a $176 difference between the two. Northwest Registered Agent is $176 more expensive than ZenBusiness that has so many critical services included in their packages.

In this category, ZenBusiness clearly outperforms Northwest Registered Agent.

Winner: ZenBusiness

Northwest’s Cost Efficiency

Unlike most other business formation services, Northwest does not provide different packages. If you want to use their LLC and incorporation services, you just have to purchase their only package for $225 plus a one-year state charge. This includes all of the essential services, such as an operating agreement, registered agent service, and quick filing, among others.

We like the fact that it includes everything but the basics that will surely put up your business. However, the high cost is clearly a concern.

Although the package does not appear to be overwhelmed with nonsense, Northwest’s full formation fee is simply too costly. We believe that their expertise and track record enable them to provide a level of excellence to their customers that most competitors cannot match. However, their pricing appears to reflect this excellence far too much.

ZenBusiness Track Record and Reliability

Despite being one of the newest companies in the business formation industry, this Texas-based start-up founded in 2015 has already formed thousands of enterprises and carved their place in this competitive field by fully embracing technology and the benefits it delivers.

This permits ZenBusiness to complete a wide range of business services online, which is the primary reason for their lower rates and appeal to the masses, particularly their loyal customers, who never tire of praising this company online, resulting in thousands of reviews and nearly perfect five-star ratings.

Northwest Track Record and Reliability

Northwest was founded in Spokane, Washington, in 1998. Their key goal is to make business formation and registered agent services as simple as possible for their customers while remaining transparent with them.

Since their establishment, they have assisted in the development of over two million businesses, and according to their website, they are currently capable of generating 200 new LLCs and corporations each day. Although there are only few reviews for Northwest online, the ones that are there are mainly positive and align with the company’s vision and ideals, proving that they are true to their commitment to maintain and secure their customers’ businesses as if they were their own.

Despite the fact that ZenBusiness gathered hundreds of favorable feedbacks and managed to assist thousands of entrepreneurs over a short period of time, when it comes to the most experienced business formation and legal services provider, Northwest comes out on top by years!

Winner: Northwest Registered Agent

ZenBusiness Customer Service Quality

They may be contacted in a number of ways, including email, snail mail, phone support, and online chat. ZenBusiness promises to respond to enquiries and complaints within 24 hours.

They offer customer service outside typical business hours, beginning at 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. CT on weekdays and 10 a.m. on weekends until 7 p.m. CT on weekends. Most of the businesses we looked at only provided service during weekday business hours, so they are exceptional in this regard.

Meanwhile, ZenBusiness’s website has a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page as well as a Help Center with a collection of articles that can assist clients with their inquiries. All their packages even include a customisable dashboard and real-time chat assistance.

Based on client feedback and reviews, ZenBusiness’ customer service is well regarded for the helpfulness and competence of their agents, as well as the quickness with which they answer complaints and questions.

Despite a few complaints about ZenBusiness’s customer service, accusing them of failing to acknowledge or handle concerns and difficulties in a timely manner, ZenBusiness responds quickly to these concerns via the TrustPilot website and the Better Business Bureau, making an effort to resolve any issues.

Northwest’s Customer Service Quality

Northwest’s major asset is its outstanding customer service. When you sign up, you will be paired with a local Corporate Guide who will walk you through the process and handle any issues that arise. One-on-one support from Northwest is a key selling point since it helps you to build a connection with a trusted partner.

Whereas many companies in this industry outsource customer support in big numbers and work with unfamiliar call centers with numerous major clients, Northwest’s true commitment to providing the best customer care possible actually stands out. Their customer support is not outsourced and is trained in-house from the start.

If you are interested in their services, their agents can be reached via phone, online, or email during regular business hours.

Indeed, ZenBusiness’s customer service is competent, but it pales in comparison to Northwest’s high level of personalization in this area. Only Northwest Registered Agent, out of all the business formation services available, assigns a customer to a specific customer care representative to ensure that they give everything that a customer needs. Customers are unanimous in their enthusiasm for this one-of-a-kind and individualized assistance system, and we also do.

Winner: Northwest Registered Agent

ZenBusiness Ease of Ordering Process

ZenBusiness’s website is straightforward and stress-free to use. The ZenBusiness formation service order form takes only a few minutes to complete. All you have to do is choose a plan, submit some basic information about your business t, and they will take care of the rest.

Also, there are no hidden fees or unnecessary upsells later in the checkout process, and pricing information, as well as the particular contents of formation packages, are displayed upfront at the beginning of the order process.

Though there are a few upsells and third-party offers that you will encounter throughout the process, they are all very discreet and quite useful, so you will not be annoyed throughout.

Although both companies offer streamlined and simple ordering processes, ZenBusiness still managed to outwit Northwest Registered Agent in this category since their website is designed in a more user-friendly manner that is easier to understand and navigate.

Winner: ZenBusiness

Northwest’s Ease of Ordering Process

Although Northwest’s website is not as user-friendly as some of its competitors, it is fully functional. Their pricing is straightforward, with minimal chance for misinterpretation. With no upsells, the company focuses on its principal service line, making the application process simple and straightforward.

In addition, the order forms and checkout pages are designed to show the price of each product clearly. Their web dashboard, which neatly organizes all of your LLC paperwork, is very simple to use.

The website, on the other hand, should be better arranged – in a more modern but still straightforward style. While the site is chock-full of free templates and useful information, the content layout is not especially user-friendly, and finding what you are looking for can take some effort.

ZenBusiness Service Speed & TAT

ZenBusiness is on level with or slightly ahead of other formation services, so you will not have to wait long. Normal order processing times may differ significantly by state, with some jurisdictions requiring several weeks and others merely seven days or fewer.

Expedited filing is included in ZenBusiness’s middle-tier pricing plan, but it can also be purchased separately for $50. Meanwhile, expedited filings offer the quickest turnaround times, with formations often taking only a few days to complete — and in some situations, same-day or next-day formations are possible. This is part of their most expensive package however, if you want to avail it as a stand-alone service, you will have to pay $100.

ZenBusiness, unsurprisingly, won this category, as they frequently offer shorter turnaround times for typical orders.

They make expedited filing more accessible to customers by providing it in two of their packages rather than simply including it in the premium plan. This is a significant advantage for anyone who has to incorporate quickly.

Winner: ZenBusiness

Northwest’s Service Speed & TAT

The length of time it takes to complete your order is determined by the state in which you wish to incorporate an LLC. It can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks because the company only has one package.

When you select your state from their website’s dropdown menu, an estimated turnaround time will display on the screen. Because most jurisdictions charge a fee for expedited processing, the order form will list two turnaround times – standard and expedited.

ZenBusiness Customer Feedback

Since 2015, ZenBusiness has consistently proven that it is a reliable and trustworthy service, having formed over 150,000 firms to date. Given this, the Better Business Bureau has awarded them an A rating and 4.32 stars.

ZenBusiness also receives great ratings on Trustpilot. With over 5,900 unique reviews, they now have a 4.8 out of 5 rating. Given its newness in the market, this number of positive reviews is definitely impressive.

The majority of clients commended ZenBusiness for its efficiency and ease of use, according to the reviews. They also appreciate the help they received from customer service in guiding them through the process.

Finally, we like how ZenBusiness’s customer service team replies to the majority of reviews and, in particular, reaches out to a small number of complainants to resolve any unresolved concerns.

zenbusiness-testimonial-1-positive zenbusiness-testimonial-2-positive zenbusiness-testimonial-3-positive

Northwest’s Customer Feedback

Despite the fact that Northwest is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, the majority of client reviews are favorable. In fact, the company has a four-star average rating, with the majority of clients praising the assistance they receive and the speed with which their services are delivered.

Northwest has received complaints or negative evaluations as well just like ZenBusiness. In fact, if you look at Northwest’s response as well as the status of the complaints, the bulk of them have already been resolved.

Despite a few reservations, most customer evaluations praise the organization for its excellent service, fast turnaround times, and other expertise.

To offer you a wider and clearer picture of how verified customers of ZenBusiness and Northwest viewed their complete experience with them, we collected a few images of customer reviews, both positive and negative, from various platforms like Trustpilot and combined them below for your reference.

northwest-trustpilot-positive-testimonial-2 northwest-trustpilot-positive-testimonial-1

Which Service is Best For You?

We are convinced that your LLC creation will go smoothly whether you choose ZenBusiness or Northwest Registered Agent because they are two of the top 10 LLC formation companies currently available.

Now, if you are still having a hard time deciding, let’s take a look at a few instances that you can consider and might help you arrive at the best decision.

Choose ZenBusiness if…

  • You want the LLC service that offers the best overall value and will save you more money in the long run since they have a $0.00 (FREE!) LLC formation package that includes more than just the necessities to put up your compliant and stable LLC.
  • You are up for a convenient, reliable, and high-rating service.
  • Click here to visit www.zenbusiness.com.

Choose Northwest Registered Agent if…

Overall Winner of the Comparison

As you have seen, ZenBusiness just breezed through several of the categories. Most notably, they won in the most significant category: cost-effectiveness.

Despite the fact that ZenBusiness does not have the same amount of experience as incorporators such as IncFile and Northwest Registered Agent, their track record of filing and forming hundreds of LLCs since 2015 has indicated that age does not matter in this industry.

ZenBusiness’s packages are a great bargain for every type of business owner because they contain everything you need to get started. Rather than being overloaded with pointless upsells, their plans provide more useful features and services.

They are highly recommended to anyone looking to form an LLC or a corporation. It would be an excellent choice that would provide you with a lot of bang for your buck. And, in our opinion, their vast advantages much outweigh their few downsides.

$49 + State Fees

Go tozenbusiness.com
zenbusiness logo new-min

ZenBusiness is the top-rated LLC service with one the best quality to price ratios in the market. It ranks #1 in our best LLC services list.


What Is the Biggest Advantage of Each Service?

ZenBusiness’ incorporation service at $0+ State fees is definitely something that you will not complain about anymore. You just have to simply pay your state fee and they will take care of the rest.

Meanwhile, Northwest’s major advantage is its customer service. They provide a unique customer service, with a level of personalization that anyone would love to take advantage of.

Which Service Offers The Best Bundle?

The ZenBusiness Starter plan ($0 plus state fee) is without a doubt the best among both companies’ packages because it includes everything you need, including full preparation and filing of formation documents, a year of registered agent service, a corporate bylaws template, and an accounting assessment.

Which Service Has Fewer Upsells?

Northwest does not offer a lot of upsells or third-party partnership options to their customers. Instead, Northwest will concentrate on providing the best possible service to its customers.

The ZenBusiness basic bundle, on the other hand, comes with a slew of upsells. If you do not want to be bothered with upsells, Northwest Registered Agent is the way to go.

Which Company Offers More Help With Ongoing Compliance Requirements?

Whichever service you choose to form your business with, they can assist you in keeping your business in good standing in the long run.

ZenBusiness charges $99 per year for registered agent service, which is less than Northwest Registered Agent’s $125 yearly fee. In terms of annual reports, Northwest charges $100, whereas ZenBusiness charges a lower amount of $75.

Does Either of These Services Have a Refund Policy?

As per ZenBusiness’ refund policy:

“Once ZenBusiness has submitted your business for filing with the State under no circumstances can you charge-back or dispute the fees associated with forming your business. If you contact ZenBusiness before your business has been submitted for filing with the State, ZenBusiness may refund the charge, less a $50 cancellation fee, if certain conditions are met.”

Meanwhile, in Northwest Registered Agent, you will receive a full refund if you cancel your filing order for an LLC or company before the appropriate documents have been forwarded to the state. If Northwest has previously submitted documentation with the state, you will be reimbursed for a portion of their service charge. State fees that have already been paid on your behalf are never refunded.

Also, if you want to discontinue the agent services, simply phone them 90 days after signing up and get a refund. You will most likely not receive a complete refund, but rather a percentage of the amount.