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BizFilings Review: Full Personal Analysis, Pros & Cons

Ranked #12 On Our Best LLC Service List

Do you need online incorporation but would prefer to delegate the paperwork to a reliable agency? BizFilings is one of the companies that can handle the task. And we’ve tested them ourselves to see if they are as good as they advertise. 

It is never easy to form and register a company. The process requires a lot of work, expertise, and you may want experienced support. To that end, BizFilings provides a wealth of assistance to enterprises and entrepreneurs looking to expedite the registration process.

BizFilings has long been a key player in the business formation sector. According to them, they have helped hundreds of thousands of people with their online application process since 1996.

Errors in legal and compliance procedures might have major consequences. Thankfully, there are services like Bizfilings accessible to help you avoid putting your firm in jeopardy with the law. Read on to figure out all the details about BizFilings and what we’ve found out when testing out their service.

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Biz Filings Overview in a Nutshell

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Sneak Peek: BizFilings Got a rating of 6/10!

BizFilings may be used to create every legal entity conceivable, such as C Corporations, S Corporations, LLCs, LPs, LLPs, PLLCs, Non-Profit Corporations, DBAs, Sole Proprietorships, and Benefit Corporations. In addition to working as registered agents and certifying papers, they manage the filing of paperwork such as international qualifications, name changes, share modifications, Federal Tax ID changes, reinstatements, annual reports, and so on. We have tried and tested them for creating an LLC, so that’s what we’re going to focus on in more detail.

BizFilings joined the market in 1996 and has remained ever since. It has aided in the registration of a significant number of businesses and, along with many other similar businesses, has managed to keep its position in a fast-developing industry.

Before commencing any venture, it is essential to create and fine-tune a thorough business strategy. But it’s still important to do the foundation for a workable legal structure for your future company. The majority of today’s business owners choose to operate under a registered company and typically outsource the company formation process to specialist online organizations. BizFilings is an option among business formation services that may help you with this. But, do you think it’s enough for your purposes?

In this post, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of BizFilings’s features, services, and optional extras in the hopes that you’ll find all you need. We will also list the pros and cons, break down the expenses, and compare this company to others in its industry to give you a better idea of how it stacks up. After all is said and done, you’ll be able to settle on a decision regarding your future expectations with complete confidence.

With the aid of BizFilings, you may form an LLC, company, or nonprofit, register a DBA name, choose or modify a registered agent, and much more. It provides a simple five-step approach for incorporating their services:

  • Guarantee of Quality – When you submit your application to BizFilings, the service validates that the information you submitted is in accordance with the state’s company formation regulations.
  • Examine the Names – A preliminary search will be carried out to confirm that the chosen business name is not already in use by another organization in the state in which you plan to incorporate. The state will make the ultimate decision.
  • Documents Submitted – BizFilings will submit your articles of incorporation to the state on your behalf. BizFilings will make the documents available to you in its Online Status Center after it has received final approval and processing from the state.
  • Papers were Presented – After everything has been completed, you will be given the final documentation, which will include company form templates tailored to the business type you choose to aid in ongoing compliance.
  • Following Incorporation with Continuous Assistance – To properly create your firm, you must have shareholder meetings and issue stock certificates. You may also use its Business License Wizard to ensure that your firm has the appropriate licenses and permissions to operate lawfully. 

Name verification, an online monitoring tool, a registered agent for six months, and round-the-clock access to helpful and efficient customer support are all included in all BizFilings incorporation and formation packages. For a successful launch, all you need is a straightforward plan. BizFilings also provides optional extras like tax registrations, licensing services, EIN application assistance, and legal document templates that might come in down the road. The services of a registered agent, foreign qualification, dissolution, and amendment are all offered as one-time extras. The advantages that BizFilings provides are what truly set it apart from its rivals, in our opinion.

Other than the fact that they’ve been in business for almost 20 years, there isn’t much information available about their past. It’s odd that there aren’t more testimonials on the quality of their products and services for a company that’s been around as long as they have.

To make a well-informed decision – we urge you to continue reading our review which we divided into main sections and rated BizFilings by the following:

Our Main Review Points:

  • Overall value and pricing
  • Customer support
  • Track record
  • Ease of Process
  • Service Speed (TAT)

            These points are the highlights of this review. They will help you come up with the most appropriate decision and guide you in understanding why we gave BizFilings a score of 6/10.

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In-depth Review of BizFilings – What Are They All About?

To understand the BizFilings LLC service, you need to get familiar with the basic features. Here is an in-depth review of their features and answers to why we gave them 6 points out of 10.

5 out of 10: Value and Price of BizFilings Services

The Standard and Complete packages don’t provide anything especially unique despite being more expensive. Furthermore, the cost of these two packages varies widely across the nation even before taking into consideration the state fee.

We’ve personally used their “Basic” package and judged them according to that.

According to the cost of the package and other state levies, a Complete package may cost as low as $199 in certain places and as much as $434 in others. As a result of the system’s complexity, it is challenging to make thorough value judgements.

8 out of 10: BizFiling’s Customer Service & Support

Available evaluations of BizFilings indicate that they provide satisfying experiences for their clients. They provide a chat facility on their website and a toll-free number for customers to call if they need help.

The included registered agent service for six months might be quite useful if you need the kind of help that a registered agent can give. If you’re looking for a company with responsive customer service, go no further than BizFilings.

When we called BizFillings and asked them a few questions about LLC incorp. speed and Registered Agent availability – the representative seemed quite knowledgeable and helpful.

5 out of 10: Track Record

In 1996, BizFilings was established as a pioneer in the area of internet incorporation services. The formation firm was founded by two business entrepreneurs, who later sold it to Wolters Kluwer, a global compliance company that offers a wide variety of business services.

Over the last two decades, BizFilings has supported the establishment of over 500,000 businesses. Surprisingly, just a few reviews published by outsiders may be discovered in web search results. (We found three; there are more on their website, but we prefer to rely on third-party evaluations.)

The reviews are summarized to give you an idea of what other customers thought of the service. However, because there are so few reviews, we are unable to offer an appropriate assessment at this time.

The lack of testimonials is not a deal breaker for us. If you’re searching for a company that has earned multiple excellent reviews from clients outside the organization, you should look elsewhere.

5 out of 10: Overall Turnaround Time

There is an official option for expediting the service, however, it is unclear by how much this expediting option will reduce your turnaround time. If you’re interested in learning how long it takes to register an LLC or business in your state, we advise contacting BizFiling’s customer service department.

For example, when we tried the “Basic” package, the TAT was around 7 days for Ohio state. But maybe that’s just for Ohio.

7 out of 10: Ease of Placing an Order

The one drawback we see with BizFilings is the abundance of offers for outside partnerships on the order form, which can make things take longer. The fact that BizFilings has been in business for so long is one of their primary selling factors. Unfortunately, their age is evident in the design of their website.

While the website and buying procedure are functional, they are neither attractive nor user-friendly. It is also difficult to establish the specifics of what is included in each bundle. You can get a basic notion of what you’re buying, but you’ll almost certainly need to call a customer care agent to receive the specifics you need to make an informed purchasing decision.

Of course, when we placed an order for the “Basic” service option, we didn’t have any problems as we’re quite used to and skilled in this LLC field, but we feel that the average Joe might be a bit confused with the process.

Total Rating: 6/10!

We believe giving BizFilings a total score of 6/10 is a pretty fair representation of their service when taking into account all the aspects we talked about above.

BizFilings Pricing and Packages

BizFilings, like many other firms offering LLC formation, has three service tiers: Basic, Standard, and Complete.

BizFilings’ prices are higher than average for the industry when compared to those of competing companies. As an example, the $99 Basic plan (the one we tested) is nearly twice as costly as other Basic packages. Each plan’s inclusions, with the exception of the registered agent service, are on par with those of leading rivals. As opposed to competing services, BizFilings only gives you access to their platform for a total of six months.

The following is a comprehensive breakdown of the differences between the available bundles:There are a variety of different packages available, each with its own set of included features with all other features being accessible as upgrades to more affordable plans at an additional cost.

It’s unfortunate that the Basic plan is more expensive than similar plans from other incorporation providers, and that the Standard and Complete packages aren’t structured in a way that makes them a better value.

bizfilings pricing and packages

$359 + state fees – Complete LLC Package 

The Full Package, which costs $359, adds an EIN and a Compliance DVD to anything the Standard Package offers.

Given the way that BizFilings’ plans are designed, you’ll have the most luck getting started with the cheapest plan (for $99) and then upgrading as needed (unless you want the LLC kit, in which case you should begin with the middle/Standard plan and build from there).

  • Transport of Documents – The business will mail you the documents after they have received all of the documentation. BizFilings will provide all of your documentation to you through overnight delivery as soon as it has been filed and approved. You don’t have to worry about shipping costs or dealing with shipping firms because this shipping is free.
  • As Soon as You’ve Created a Compliance DVD – BizFilings provides this as one of its specialist services. The company describes some of the areas in which they may help you and provides detailed explanations of what you need to know in order to properly manage your operations.
  • Employer Identification Number – It seems to reason that BizFilings would assist you in acquiring an EIN, as every business is required to have one. You’ll need an EIN to do things like hire employees, open a bank account, and more. BizFilings assures that by supporting you with an acquisition, you will be able to accelerate the process of establishing your firm.
  • Not Mentioned State-Specific Features – When you buy the BizFilings Complete package, you get this. If you are ready to migrate to another state and incorporate there, the service will aid you in researching the requirements of the new state and how they may differ from those of the state you previously formed in.

Who should invest in the Complete bundle?

The Complete plan is ideal for ambitious business owners who are willing to invest more to have BizFilings take care of as much as possible. When you purchase this bundle, you’ll have access to state-specific services that can streamline the business formation process so you can get to work right away.

$229 + state fees – Standard LLC Package

The Standard Package includes an LLC kit and seal in addition to everything you need to launch your own business. The Standard Package also provides personalized forms and fast processing fees as supplemental services.

  • LLC Operating Agreement – BizFilings provides an LLC operating agreement template. To incorporate it, simply enter your firm details into the basic template. You can use it to register your company as long as the information it contains is correct.
  • Quick Incorporation Processing – By adopting expedited processing, you may effectively bypass the line. You may be certain that by choosing this service, BizFilings will conduct your company’s incorporation before any other firm that has chosen the Basic package.
  • Kit and Seal LLC – When you register your company in multiple states, you must purchase the LLC kit and seal. It may be used to stamp any official documents you send out, reducing the likelihood of fraud or counterfeiting.

Who should buy the base Standard plan?

The Standard package is great for entrepreneurs that need their LLC formed quickly, with minimal outlay of cash, and with some assistance from legal counsel.

$99 + state fees – Basic LLC Package

Preparing and filing your Articles of Organization with the state is included in the $99 Basic Bundle, the most basic LLC creation bundle. Our research shows that this package is the most cost-effective option. It’s possible to put on further services a la carte.

  • BizComply – Many people know that rules, filing deadlines, and other things can change. Keeping up with these changes can be hard, especially if your business is still trying to grow and get known. With everything else you have to do, you might not have time to finish this.
  • Looks for the Availability of Names – BizFilings will do a thorough search and check state databases to make sure that the name you want to give your LLC is still available. One of the many good things about this service is that it is free. You can do as many searches as you want on BizFilings, whether you pay for the service or not.
  • Articles of Organization – Putting together and sending in articles of organization can be hard, so you need a reliable partner to help you. BizFilings will help you write the papers by getting information from you about your business and clearly defining it.
  • Service for Agents of Record – BizFilings will, in effect, be your registered agent. Even better, the business gives you the first six months of this service for free. They charge $164 for each extra year of service. You should know that you don’t have to use the service of a registered agent. But most will tell you that you need to do something to make sure your business runs smoothly.

Who is the Basic plan best suited for?

The Basic package is great for entrepreneurs on a tight budget who have the know-how to file for an EIN and prepare an Operating Agreement on their own.

What Are the Pros and Cons of BizFilings?

Biggest PRO: Registered agent services are offered by all business formation specialists, including BizFilings. If you decide to use BizFilings to establish your limited liability company, they will act as your registered agent at no additional expense for the first six months. After the first 6 months, the annual renewal costs $174. If you decide you don’t want to utilize their registered agent services after the trial period finishes, cancel immediately. Going through their other pros, here’s the list:


  • In Favor of State Reporting Requirements – If you intend to incorporate an LLC in more than one state, you must verify that you fulfill each state’s specific compliance requirements. As a result, after ensuring that all federal laws are obeyed, you must also comply with these criteria. BizFilings provides services that may help you with this procedure.
  • Check the Availability of Possible Business Names – This is likely the most important aspect of what a firm that assists people in forming LLCs performs. It is available to both paid and free users on BizFilings.
  • Customers are Served Effectively – To guarantee that clients are as well-informed as possible, add more resources. BizFilings’ customer service is excellent, as one would expect. You may reach out to them by phone, email, or ordinary mail. You may also write them a letter or pay them a visit if you are in Wisconsin, where they now reside. 
  • Registered Agent Incorporation – Regardless of the payment tier you select, BizFilings provides a free registered agent service for six months. Have a robust staff of incorporation experts on hand to help clients and respond to inquiries.
  • Confirmation of Legal Compliance – BizFilings has assisted thousands of businesses in forming and registering since its beginnings. That is something to keep in mind.

Every single one of a company’s tens of thousands of customers will eventually be disappointed. The yearly costs of registered agent services were the primary source of complaints we received. Unfortunately, you’re going to need to use their registered agent services. Remember to cancel if you don’t want to be charged $164 once the free period for registered agent services has ended. A new registered agent must be on file with the state before cancellation may be processed. Here are some drawbacks if ever you choose Bizfillings as your LLC service provider:


  • Price Changes Occur On A Regular Basis – The cost of a BizFiling varies greatly from state to state. Even if you pay the national average for the Basic package, the pricing for the Standard and Complete tiers vary by state. You should also consider any relevant state fees. For some small firms, the cost may be a tad high to receive what they require.
  • Cost Increases Relatively – BizFilings’ package prices are somewhat more than those of its competitors. Despite the company’s excellent effort, you may be unable to acquire the package. 

Major and Best Alternatives for BizFilings

Although BizFilings LLC’s service is quite OK, several other service companies offer similar services as BizFilings LLC, if not better. These alternatives are also perfect fits for your businesses. As we’ve tried them all, we can confidently say – there’s almost always something better.

So let’s check out major alternatives for BizFilings:

#1 Alternative for BizFilings: Northwest Registered Agent

The Northwest Registered Agent was established in 1998, and it’s known for its outstanding customer support and services. It’s a decent alternative for BizFilings LLC as it’s a trusted midsize company that grants affordable business operations online.

We actually love Northwest’s pricing. This service agent starts at $39, and you can recall that BizFilings starts its pricing at $99. A major pro of this service agent is that it grants about 12 months of free registered agent service when companies order LLC service packages. 

Asides from all of this, there are thousands of positive reviews about the Northwest Registered Agent Available online.

If you want to learn more about it – we recommend taking a look at our in-depth Northwest’s review here.


Northwest Registered Agent is one of the top-rated LLC services with one the best customer support in the market. It ranks #2 in our best LLC services list.

#2 Alternative for BizFilings: ZenBusiness

Well, we’re not here to be talking about ZenBusiness, but it’s highly recommended! It’s one of the LLC services with the best overall value when we tried it. ZenBusiness pricing is a bit lower than BizFilings package pricing. The lowest pricing is at $49, and it also includes a year of adequately registered agent service. If your priority is getting the least price for LLC formation, ZenBusiness is an excellent option for you.

Curious about ZenBusiness? – read our full review of Zenbusiness here.

$49 + State Fees

Go tozenbusiness.com
zenbusiness logo new-min

ZenBusiness is the top-rated LLC service with one the best quality to price ratios in the market. It ranks #1 in our best LLC services list.

Popular Comparison: What Differs Between LegalZoom and BizFilings, and Why?

Both LegalZoom and BizFilings appear to serve the same objective—assisting you in creating an LLC—on the surface. They are more expensive than BizFilings, however, BizFilings includes registered agent service, whereas Legalzoom do not. Furthermore, LegalZoom does not provide publishing services or other state-specific compliance services, but BizFilings does.

More than 6 million consumers make up LegalZoom’s remarkable client base. They have one of the most outstanding client lists in the sector, with more than 2 million of their clients being enterprises. We’ve been one of the clients as well, but since there are new and very competitive companies nowadays – we wouldn’t say that Legalzoom is “the best” option.

3rd Party Reviews and Testimonials Of BizFilings

The corporation can be attempting to persuade buyers that its products are worth a premium price by charging more than the market average. BizFilings is betting that the buyer won’t investigate if the product’s higher price is appropriate. They come to the conclusion that BizFilings gives helpful customer service agents and produces respectable outcomes. However, when we researched more about them prior to placing an order – there weren’t many online customer reviews, and their LLC creation packages don’t offer nearly as much value for the costs they demand.

So don’t just take our word for it — check out what the worldwide popular reviews sites say about them:

BizFilings has a perfect score (A+) and zero complaints from customers on the BBB’s website.

We couldn’t find BizFilings’ Truspilot page, probably they had them remove it (maybe too many negative comments, who knows).

However, on Google Reviews, BizFilings have a subtle ~30ish reviews on average of 4.8/5 (not bad!) rating.

Here we’ve collected a few examples of positive reviews from their Google reviews page:

And here are some negative ones:

Is BizFilings an LLC Service You Should Really Use? 

Biz Filings is an old and truly reputable company. It will surely get the job done when forming an LLC but there are cases when you should really choose an alternative. So let’s look into it.

✔ When to Choose BizFilings

If you just want good support, a rather quick TAT and a simple-to-use website then you should definitely pick BizFilings.

✖ When NOT to Choose BizFilings

Surely if you’re looking for the best price and “deal” in the market — it’s not the best option (Northwest is rather better in that matter). Also, a slightly overpriced registered agent service doesn’t do good for potential customer like you.

Final Thoughts

BizFilings has been around for a long time and has built a solid reputation for excellent service to its many satisfied customers. And we were frankly quite satisfied as well when we ordered a test package of this review.

However, there aren’t many reviews from satisfied customers posted online, and the overall value of their formation packages falls short of our expectations.

BizFilings is a bit more pricey than some of its competitors, though. When considering the cost, you may wonder if the service is truly worthwhile.

It’s generally a crapshoot with BizFilings. When compared to other options, this service ranks in the middle of the pack. Assuming you can afford them, you can be assured that they will serve you well and represent a reliable brand.

Overall, BizFilings is a great option for those who are looking for a simple LLC service with good support. BUT… As we mentioned, the lack of cost/quality ratio puts their rating at a 6 out of 10.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got some questions for BizFilings? Well, here are some frequently asked questions and our answers to them:

BizFilings offers a reseller and affiliate relationship program. Aside from that, we haven’t found anything indicating any service specials or discounts.

BizFilings has a return policy. However, the processing costs are somewhat substantial. If you cancel your purchase before they complete a preliminary name check, for example, you must pay a $50 processing fee. After that, you’ll have to pay $75 to cancel.

The BizFilings Basic package, which costs $99 (plus state taxes), is our top pick for LLC and formation services. There is no unnecessary fluff, such as the binder and seal provided in their higher-tier offerings, and it contains all you need to form a legitimate business organization.

Although there is no mention of a free trial, BizFilings’ website contains a large number of free forms that may be downloaded.

Outside of third-party services, BizFilings does not provide a lot of upsells. There are just a few upsells on the order form, but they aren’t as forceful. This rating surely offers benefits.

Outside of third-party services, BizFilings does not provide a lot of upsells. There are just a few upsells on the order form, but they aren’t as forceful. This rating surely offers benefits.


Is BizFilings a Good LLC Service for Your New Business?

All in all, if you just want to get the job done and incorporate your LLC, sure, BizFilings will do the job and provide good support.

Although, if you’re looking for the best price/quality ratio, we recommend some alternatives that you may want to consider.

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