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Harbor Compliance Review – Is It a “Go to” LLC Formation Service?

Ranked #9 On Our Best LLC Service List

You must be considering establishing your own brand and company, but you lack the time to file the application and include this in your priorities. Luckily, you are on our comprehensive evaluation of Harbor Compliance, one of the industry’s known LLC and incorporation services.

With this review, we will unveil all of the information you have to understand including the answers to the most frequently asked questions of customers in order to provide you with a complete picture of Harbor Compliance and assist you in making the best decision for you and the future of your company.

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Sneak Peek: Harbor Compliance Got 6/10

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Before you start, it is essential to get an idea of what to expect from this in-depth review. With our experience in reviewing such companies, we have identified customers’ most regarded factors and used them as our criteria whenever we evaluate companies like Harbor Compliance.

Main Review Points:

  • Cost Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Customer Service
  • Ease of Process
  • Service Speed

These review points will be the highlights of this review. Through these, you will have a guide in arriving at the best decision. This will also explain why Harbor Compliance deserves a score of 6/10.

To be honest, Harbor Compliance’s formation bundle is less versatile in terms of pricing and offerings when compared to other companies’ services. Aside from the lack of other essential services that we consider necessary in starting and running a business, there is also no way for you to personalize your purchase to ensure that you are only paying for what you require. 

Despite all these, they have a team of personal compliance specialists who can manage complexity, demonstrating their uniqueness and dedication to providing the highest quality of service that meets your expectations. They are also corporate compliance experts, guaranteeing that your LLC formation or incorporation goes off without a hitch in the years ahead.

Furthermore, they provide one-day LLC formation package order processing and have a number of local offices to ensure the shortest possible turnaround time for the formation of your business. 

However, knowing that you will be looking for the best possible choice, we’ve included some alternatives for Harbor Compliance – ZenBusiness and Northwest Registered Agent.

So, why would they still be rated 6 out of 10? Well, check out the sections that follow, to learn more.

Harbor Compliance’s In-depth Review of Their Service and Features 

Cost Efficiency: 5/10

Harbor Compliance exclusively offers two LLC formation packages: $399 for the formation bundle and $799 for the compliance bundle. To be honest, they offer a lot for your money, especially in terms of customer service – so if you regard having someone personally assist you at each stage, you will love what they have to provide. 

It is noteworthy, however, that there are other providers out there that deliver similar services for much less money, some for as little as $0 to $49. 

Overall, Harbor Compliance provides important services without being overburdened with frills, as some of its competitors do. We are convinced they are still a work in progress because of the fact that they are still new in this industry.

Reliability: 6/10

Harbor Compliance is a relatively new LLC service firm, having been founded in 2012. Since their founding, they have helped over 25,000 entrepreneurs launch their businesses. As a result, comparing the seemingly small amount of feedback from Harbor Compliance customers to that of their competitors’ is challenging. Still, they garnered almost universally positive customer evaluations, particularly on TrustPilot, Google, and BBB.

Customer Service: 9/10

Customer service at Harbor Compliance is known for its high quality and availability. The company takes a slightly different strategy than other LLC incorporation services. When you purchase a bundle, you will be assigned an individual Compliance Specialist – someone who has been trained in-house to respond to your calls and emails and resolve your concerns.

As a result, you will not have to wait on hold or worry about delayed resolutions. In addition, many users appreciate this personalized approach. Their website even has a comprehensive Information Center with articles, white papers, video tutorials, and other resources to keep you informed and updated.

Ease of Process: 7/10

Harbor Compliance offers one of the greatest LLC websites in the business. It provides a smooth and headache-free service with its user-friendly, intuitive and modern design. 

With only two packages to pick from, it is easy to evaluate features and determine which is best for you, especially since every step of the formation process is transparent. 

Furthermore, each product or service has a quick overview that explains exactly what the service entails, assuring that you choose the best solution for your startup firm. Each page has a link towards the next page, making it easy to navigate back and forth and understand what you are purchasing.

Service Speed: 8/10

Harbor Compliance’s turnaround times are faster than those of their competitors. Harbor Compliance guarantees that all orders will be processed and forwarded to your state of formation within one business day, unlike competitors who charge an extra fee for next-day processing. 

Fast turnaround time is possible with well-known incorporation services like LegalZoom and Swyft Filings, but one of the best benefits given by Harbor Compliance is its speedy processing time, which may be as fast as four days.

Overall Rating: 6/10!

Harbor Compliance Service Packages and Their Prices With Features

1. Formation Package ($399 + State Fees)

Overview: This is Harbor Compliance’s entry-level package, with services focused on the complete formation of your LLC. This is an excellent way to handle the technicalities of forming your company while also taking every measure to ensure long term compliance. This bundle is ideal for hands-on entrepreneurs who do not mind managing compliance requirements on their own.


  • Articles of Organization Preparation and Filing:
    The articles of incorporation are the official documents that must be submitted in order for your new company to be formed. Harbor Compliance will prepare and file these documents with your state of formation in order to formally establish your new LLC.
  • Name Availability Check:
    Harbor Compliance will check your state’s database to see whether the name you want to use is usable, ensuring that you are in the clear. In the long run, this will save you a significant amount of time and effort.
  • Free Registered Agent Service for 1 Year:
    Harbor Compliance, as your registered agent, will be responsible for sending and receiving and transmitting any relevant paperwork on your behalf, as well as securing your personal information and ensuring that you will never miss a delivery. 
    For the first year, Harbor Compliance provides this service for free. Following that, they will charge $99 per year. While this is a reasonable price to pay for peace of mind, you are under no obligation to extend the registered agent service. 
    In fact, you can get your own EIN from the IRS easily and for free, but Harbor Compliance could save you time by getting it on your behalf.
  • Operating Agreement Template:
    An operating agreement is a highly classified agreement between the members or shareholders of an LLC that explains each person’s ownership, rights, and duties, as well as certain general principles for how the LLC will operate. 
    Harbor Compliance will assist you in drafting this, which you can then use right away. This template makes it simple to customize an operating agreement based on the nature of your business.

2. Compliance Package ($799 + State Fees)

Overview: This comprehensive package extends its services to provide you with all you need to comply with all state regulations and requirements. This suits you if you see your business needing customer support to maintain it or dealing with complex legal and regulatory requirements. This is also for you if you would rather focus on other facets of your business while Harbor Compliance works on necessary documents or annual compliance requirements.


  • Annual Report Service:
    Harbor Compliance will be responsible for managing your yearly report to the state. They will keep track of your deadlines, prepare your business reports, and send them on your behalf to your formation state.
  • Initial Report:
    Harbor Compliance will prepare and submit an initial company report on your behalf as some states require entrepreneurs to provide this paperwork following the formation of a new LLC.
  • Preparation of S/C Corporation Tax Form:
    For tax purposes, some LLCs ask to be categorized as S or C companies. If ever you choose to have your company taxed as an S or C corporation, Harbor Compliance will draft and file the necessary documents with the IRS.
  • Publishing:
    Some states require new LLCs to release proof of incorporation in a local newspaper and submit an affidavit to the state showing conformance. As part of this package, Harbor Compliance does provide comprehensive publishing services for firms in states that implement this.
  • Unlimited Customer Support:
    Even after the formation process is completed, Harbor Compliance will provide you with access to your Harbor Compliance Specialist’s customer assistance to respond to any questions or address any problems you may have. 
  • LLC Kit and Seal:
    Harbor Compliance will send you a customized binder to help you get your LLC up and running. The said binder will bear your company’s name embossed on the front, will include company stock certificates, a document library, and a company seal.

Main Pros and Cons of Harbor Compliance


  • Registered Agent Service:
    Every LLC formation package from Harbor Compliance includes a free year of registered agent service. After that, it’s only $99 each year, which is still lower than the usual price of registered agent service. This service will include a number of free compliance guides and whitepapers.
  • Track Record:
    Despite being one of the newest business formation services, Harbor Compliance has amassed a strong client base of over 25,000. On Google Reviews, they have maintained a 4.5 out of 5 star rating with 92 reviews. Meanwhile, they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • Fast Checkout and Quick Turnaround:
    Harbor Compliance may file your LLC formation application and associated forms with your state of formation within the day. Articles of Organization are frequently filed on the same day as an order is received. 
    When possible, Harbor Compliance uses expedited filing to speed up the process. In states where digital document filing is not available, they maintain a number of local offices for in-person filing, making it possible to incorporate in a matter of days instead of weeks. 
  • Customer Feedback:
    Customer feedback about Harbor Compliance is overwhelmingly positive. Not only do they have high average rating scores, but they also have  a number of online reviews to back up their strong reputation and track record.
  • Personalized Customer Service:
    Harbor Compliance is well-known for their excellent customer service. Unlike many competitors that outsource their assistance to third-party contact centers, they are manned with competent in-house people who can assist you with any problem that may arise. 
    When you purchase their compliance package, you will be assigned a single compliance specialist who will assist you with gathering all of the relevant information and filing your paperwork. They were trained to respond to your inquiries and concerns regarding the LLC formation process while taking your needs and challenges into consideration.
  • Advanced Compliance Options:
    Their compliance support package includes advanced services that are seldom offered by other providers. Harbor Compliance, despite being an LLC formation company, also provides continuous business compliance services that set them apart.


  • Too Expensive:
    Although still less costly than employing an attorney, the Harbor Compliance bundle is much more expensive than comparable services. While the organization offers amazing value, it is out of reach for individuals on a tight budget.
    Furthermore, when it comes to selecting individual services, Harbor Compliance provides minimal flexibility to clients. Most other providers will let you choose from a variety of products or services and customize them to meet your business needs. 
    While the organization has a good track record, it is unclear whether the service they give is worth the hefty premium.
  • Legal Services/Consultations:
    Only templates for legal papers are included in Harbor Compliance’s most expensive bundle. They do not have in-house lawyers to respond to legal consultations or to help you out in complex legal concerns so you will need to pay for an outside counsel. This corresponds to an additional fee on top of your formation package cost.
  • Fewer Additional Service Inclusions:
    While the formation package contains all of the essentials for forming your company, it lacks the additional services that some competitors include in their basic offerings. If you want extra services, you will have to pay for them individually. Given their formation bundle’s extremely expensive cost, we would have hoped to have more inclusions to help justify the expense.

Harbor Compliance Customer Feedback and Reviews

Despite the fact that the company is still pretty new, Harbor Compliance has received great evaluations on dedicated sites. It boasts a Google rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars (here is their Google review profile), as well as an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. 

The majority of Harbor Compliance reviews on BBB are good (here’s their BBB profile), with users praising the company’s customer care representatives and their system’s ease of use. 

Harbor Compliance grievances are few with data input mistakes, customer service misunderstandings or sluggish responses, and refund problems on top of these complaints.

Now, to give you a bigger picture and to help you further in finalizing your decision, we collected a few screenshots of customer reviews, both positive and negative, and compiled them below for your reference.

harbor compliance google review negative
harbor compliance google review positive

Are They The Best LLC Service You Can Choose? 

Before you click the “Sign Up” button, there are a few things you should think about. With what we have detailed, you might already have an answer to the question: Is Harbor Compliance right for you? Although it may not be suitable for every business’ needs, Harbor Compliance nevertheless provides services that may be ideal for you if you examine the following instances in which you should or should not use Harbor Compliance for LLC formation service:

When TO USE them…

  • If you value greatly a personalized customer support system; and
  • If you are looking for a package that includes critical features, such as a free year of registered agent service, EIN filing, and operating agreement.

When NOT TO use them…

  • If you are on a tight budget;
  • If you want a more feature-rich package that suits your budget and needs; and 
  • If you prefer a more customizable package and more additional tools or documentations

Harbor Compliance Substitutes and Best Alternatives

With so many companies offering formation services, we understand that you are reading this review to learn not only about Harbor Compliance, but also about competitors who may offer similar services at a lower price or a better deal. To assist you, we sought out two alternative providers with whom you would be interested in collaborating and who might best meet your company’s needs.

#1 Alternative: NorthWest Registered Agent

Both Harbor Compliance and Northwest Registered Agent make starting a business as simple as possible. However, Harbor Compliance’s level of expertise and more reasonable bundles cannot match that of Northwest Registered Agent. 

Also, Northwest Registered Agent has been the first in providing the same personalized customer service approach which has been favored by thousands of their customers.

Read our full Northwest review here.


Northwest Registered Agent is one of the top-rated LLC services with one the best customer support in the market. It ranks #2 in our best LLC services list.

#2 Alternative: ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness, one of the best LLC services online, is the greatest Harbor Compliance alternative. Harbor Compliance has a bit more experience, and they also provide a high level of usability and speedy formation times. Thus, ZenBusines is an excellent alternative if you prioritize getting the most return on investment, as their $39 plan contains various essential features that Harbor Compliance’s packages do not.

Read our full Zenbusiness review here.


ZenBusiness is one of the best quality to price ratio services. It ranks #1 in our top LLC service list. It’s a definitely good choice for those who want to get the best bang for their buck.
Form your LLC today with ZenBusiness – visit www.zenbusiness.com.

Final Judgement and Conclusion

Harbor Compliance is, without a doubt, an expert in the subject of corporate compliance. They can make sure your LLC formation or incorporation goes off without a hitch. Their same-day order processing and network of local offices offer the quickest possible delivery time for the formation business. 

Harbor Compliance’s strategy for customer service was very appealing too. They will connect you to a member of their team who will obtain the essential information and address any issues or difficulties you may encounter.

Sadly, these benefits come at a high price. The package price of Harbor Compliance makes them among the most overpriced LLC formation companies we have found online. While their service package contains the necessities, it is doubtful whether such a high cost is rational. 

We even discovered that the company does not offer refunds, which they should clearly state on their website alongside service details to prevent future confusion with customers

Still, Harbor Compliance is a fantastic company that provides superb services that anyone on the right budget could trust and rely on.

To learn more about potential Harbor Compliance alternatives, you can check our other reviews and our best LLC service comparison page.


Yes, Harbor Compliance is a legitimate business. They have been in the corporate compliance industry since 2012, founded by a team of state licensing specialists based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and have assisted over 20,000 businesses in meeting their compliance requirements. Moreover, Harbor Compliance engages in a wide range of industries, including architecture, construction, engineering, as well as non-profits.

Registered agent services are provided by all business creation companies, including Harbor Compliance. If you utilize Harbor Compliance to form your LLC, you will receive a free year of registered agent services. They charge $99/year after the first year of your LLC creation. You can request to cancel the registered agent service at any time by notifying Harbor Compliance before the auto-renewal date.

In comparison to other LLC formation companies, Harbor Compliance includes fewer services in its formation package and does not allow you to customize your package online. 

If you only want to focus on setting up your business, you can take advantage of their $399 formation bundle. This package includes one year of registered agent service that is renewable annually for $99.

Yes, definitely! With their compliance bundle, Harbor Compliance will make sure that deadlines are met, initial and annual reports are filed, and that all paperwork that you need to sign is forwarded to you on time.

The terms of service for Harbor Compliance do not state a clear refund policy. As previously mentioned, they finish filings on the day that the initial order is purchased. As a result, receiving a refund on any state processing fees is unlikely.

As previously stated in the review, Harbor Compliance provides useful tools to help you understand any areas that are unclear. 

If you already have the information and are aware of everything that you will need, the ordering process should take no more than 10 minutes. 

In terms of turnaround time, Harbor Compliance guarantees that all orders will be forwarded to the formation state within one day. The entire application process could take anywhere from five business days to three weeks.


Should you choose Harbor Compliance as your new business partner?

It is a great company, don’t make a mistake about it. But if you’re truly searching for the best quality to price ratios — consider the alternatives we’ve mentioned above.

You will most likely get a good service for a higher price than you should actually pay.

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