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Northwest Registered Agent Review (2022) – All Pros & Cons Revealed

Ranked #2 On Our Best LLC Service List

Are you considering starting your own brand and company, but you do not have the time to handle the paperwork and add it to your workload? Well, today is your lucky day! In this in-depth review, the spotlight is on one of the premier LLC creation services in the industry, Northwest Registered Agent.

In this review, we will go over the significant aspects of Northwest Registered Agent that you should be aware of, as well as the answers to questions that have been left unanswered, so you can come up with the best decision for you and your company’s future.

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Northwest General Overview

Northwest Registered Agent, one of the largest and most trusted names in the registered agent and LLC filing business, was founded in 1998 and has distinguished itself from its competitors by emphasizing excellent customer service, concise and clear communication, as well as strict privacy protection and data security practices.

For more than two decades, this family-owned medium-sized business has created a good reputation for delivering a variety of quality services to entrepreneurs and business owners, maintaining true to its tagline, “We’re Just Not Annoying.”

Northwest’s key services include the following:

  • Quick and user-friendly online LLC formation and incorporation service
  • Annual business compliance filing
  • Registered agent service in all 50 states
  • Virtual office and mail forwarding

Sneak Peek: Northwest Registered Agent Got 8.5/10

Given the expanse of service, it has delivered for more than two decades, finding out how good or how bad Northwest Registered Agent as a partner is always worth unravelling. The advantages and disadvantages of availing of their services, their cost, and if they suit your needs are best realized prior to signing up to any of their plans. To help you learn all these, we will unveil everything about Northwest, most especially their packages, their pros and cons, their customers’ feedback, as well as their clients’ most frequently asked questions.

However, before we dive deeper into that, we would like to introduce to you first the factors that we considered in reviewing Northwest Registered Agent and its offerings.

Main Review Points:

  • Cost Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Customer Service
  • Ease of Process
  • Service Speed

Based on these criteria, we realized that Northwest is deserving of a 8.5/10. By far, they have the most helpful and competent service representatives, which matches their impeccable track record. However, their cost seems to match the high quality of their customer service too which could disappoint clients, particularly new breeds of entrepreneurs.

Despite this, Northwest still garnered almost all positive client feedback in various review platforms which makes them stand out among the multitude of LLC formation services available out there.

Still, if you are really seeking a less expensive incorporation solution, it is best to give ZenBusiness a shot. So far, they continue to outperform Northwest in terms of cost, services, and ease of use. This is the best business formation service we discovered that is genuinely worth the money.

Now, you are surely intrigued about the other reasons behind Northwest’s score and curious if there are still reasons to choose their services. To learn more about these, please read the next portions of this review.


Is Northwest Registered Agent The Right Partner? Our In-depth Overview and Rating of Their Service

Customer Service: 10/10

Northwest’s greatest asset is its excellent customer service. Once you sign up, you will be partnered with a local Corporate Guide who will help you through the process and manage any subsequent concerns. Northwest’s one-on-one support is a big selling factor because it allows you to develop a relationship with a trusted partner, with the company.

Again, customer reviews frequently emphasize Northwest’s excellent customer service and this is entirely because they have individual compliance professionals who assist clients at every step of the way. Whereas many competitors in this business outsource customer service to large numbers and opt to partner with unfamiliar contact centers with multiple major clients, Northwest’s genuine commitment to giving the finest possible customer service truly stands out. From the very start, their customer service is not outsourced and is trained as well as maintained in-house.

If you ever find yourself interested in their services, their agents are reachable via phone, online, and via email.

Cost Efficiency: 7/10

We particularly enjoy their superb base formation bundle, which is anything but basic, but their expensive price point is unquestionably a problem. Though the service does not appear to be bloated with unnecessary features – as some competitors do – Northwest’s full formation price of $225 plus state fees is a bit too high. Other formation businesses provide identical services at a far lower cost.

We believe that their specific focus and their track record allow them to give a level of quality to their consumers that is unsurpassed by most competitors. However, their pricing seems too much of a reflection of this quality. Though it is everyone’s desire to get what he paid for, it is also essential to note that it is possible to save $200 or even more through availing the same services from other alternatives.

Reliability: 8/10

As already mentioned in the earlier parts of the review, Northwest was established in Spokane, Washington, in 1998. Their primary purpose is to make business formation and registered agent services as simple as possible while remaining transparent with their consumers.

They have assisted in the formation of over two million businesses since their start, and, according to their report on their website, they are now capable of forming 200 new LLCs and corporations each day. Despite not having so many reviews online for Northwest, the ones available online are mostly good and fit with the company’s mission and principles, proving that they are true to their commitment to maintain and secure their customers’ businesses as if they were their own.

Ease of Process: 8.5/10

Northwest’s website is not as user-friendly as some of its competitors’ sites, but it is completely functional. Their pricing is simple and clear, leaving little room for misunderstanding. The company focuses on its primary service line, with no upsells, keeping the application process smooth and hassle-free.

Also, the order forms and checkout pages are designed to provide a clear view of the cost of each product. It is even easy to use their web dashboard, which neatly organizes all of your LLC documents.

On the contrary, the website should be better organized – in a more modern but still simple manner. While the site is jam-packed with free templates and useful resources, the content structure is not particularly user-friendly, and it takes some time to find what you are specifically searching for.

Service Speed: 8/10

An estimated turnaround time will appear on the screen when you select your state from the application’s dropdown menu. These can vary significantly depending on your state; in some, turnaround times can be as short as a couple of business days, while in others, you may have to wait several weeks. Because most jurisdictions provide expedited processing for a price, you’ll notice two turnaround times on the order form.

Despite the varying turnaround times, Northwest still has one of the fastest formation services in the industry as they implement their so-called “Default Expedited Filing”. As a result, all orders are handled as rush orders, which are filed on the same day they were ordered.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10!


Northwest Registered Agent’s Service Plans, Features, Add-ons & Pricing

In contrast to the standard of the business formation industry, Northwest Registered Agent opt to not offer multiple packages of bundled services. As a result, this sets them far from their competitors and drives more customers interested in incorporating with them.

As a result, they only have 1 service package with a flat fee rate:

Premium Package: $225 (+State Fees)

(Visit Northwest website to check their service package).

You simply have one filing choice with Northwest Registered Agent: no other bundles, no gimmicks, and no time spent deciding which features to select. Northwest will handle all of your state-related paperwork and provide you with a year of their popular registered agent service as part of this package.

Perfect for you if… you just want to incorporate with the help of a service that is known for being straightforward and for placing a high importance on customer care.

What’s Included in Their Service Package:

  • Name Availability Search

Northwest will check your state’s official business database to ensure that your selected LLC name is not yet claimed, is unique, and is yours alone.

  • Articles of Organization

The articles of organization are the legal documents that must be filed in order to form your new business. Northwest Registered Agent will generate these paperwork and file them with your state to initiate the formation of your business.

  • Registered Agent Service (1 Year)

As your registered agent, Northwest will be in charge of receiving and transmitting any necessary documents on your behalf, as well as protecting your personal information and ensuring that you never miss a delivery.

This service has always been a part of their formation package, as it has been their main activity since the beginning. Once you sign up with Northwest, they will provide you one year of service for free, with each subsequent year costing $125, which is considered a standard market price.

  • Fast LLC Filing

While other companies’ turnaround times highly depend on the package you choose and on the amount you are willing to pay, Northwest differs as it initially chooses the fastest possible option that your formation state offers.

  • Individual Online Account

Once you are with Northwest, you will have an online account available through their web platform that will grant you access to all your LLC files as well as to your LLC’s formation status.

  • Operating Agreement

Though this is not necessary in every state, it is best to know that an operating agreement is a confidential agreement between the LLC’s members or owners that describes each person’s ownership, rights, and responsibilities, as well as specific basic principles for how the LLC will run.

Northwest, if ever you wish to have this, will curate it based on the demands and type of your company as part of your purchase of their services.

  • Compliance Reminders

Once your business is formed with them, you can assure that you are always on track as you get automatic message reminders about compulsory state filings that maintain your business’s compliance with the state.

See their service features

Northwest’s Optional Add-ons

The company also offers a slew of supplementary features geared at keeping your business running smoothly. You can use these services to reduce your workload and to keep your business on track.

  • Registered Agent Service

As previously mentioned, you can hire Northwest to be your registered agent at $125 annually.

  • IRS Services

Northwest can register an EIN for your company for a one-time fee of $50 or more, depending on your formation state.

Also, for only $50, they can file an application for an S-Corp qualification on your behalf, whenever it is necessary.

  • Compliance Service

LLCs must file state reports on a yearly basis to stay in compliance with state rules. Northwest may relieve your stress by handling this task for you for a set annual charge of $100 plus state filing fees.

Apart from that, they may assist you in obtaining a Certificate of Good Standing for $50 if you wish to expand your business to other states.

  • Other Business Services (Phone, virtual office and etc.)

A business telephone number at $9 per month, a virtual office for $49 per month, and a mail forwarding service providing a real company address which costs $50 per month are some of the add-ons you might require to run your business more efficiently. You can get these too from Northwest to fully maximize the advantages of their expertise and to avoid future problems that your business might encounter.

Main Pros and Cons of Northwest Registered Agent


  • Fastest LLC Filing

Hiring Northwest Registered Agent may be the best choice for you if you need your LLC formed as soon as possible. They guarantee that your LLC will be filed on the same business day that you place your order.

However, it is important to note that delays can still occur despite their default expedited filing, as it is highly dependent on how quickly your formation state processes such applications.

  • Exceptional Customer Experience and Reviews

Although Northwest Registered Agent has fewer online reviews than some of its competitors, the majority of the ones it does have are exceptionally good. In fact, Google and the Better Business Bureau both give the company great marks. We observed that customers compliment the service’s straightforwardness, fast turnaround times, and, most especially, their customer support staff’s pleasant personality and professionalism.

  • Top-level Customer Support

The capacity of Northwest Registered Agent’s well-versed customer support team to deliver timely, competent, and professional customer care and assistance is one of the company’s assets.

Northwest ensures that your questions and problems are swiftly addressed, regardless of the method you use to contact them. Instead of being put on hold or being handed over from one rep to another, you will speak with a single representative until your issue is resolved.

With their staff of Corporate Guides or experts in the establishment of corporate entities, Northwest is also able to assist you with any issues you may have concerning business formation, whether it is a general or specific concern.

For your reference, you can reach Northwest Registered Agent through the following methods:

  • Seamless Order Process & No Annoying Upselling

Creating an LLC with Northwest Registered Agent is a breeze. You just click on the “Place Order” button after providing all of the needed information about your business, such as the desired name of your LLC, the state where you want it to be registered, and the names of the members, if any.

After you have successfully placed your order, they will take care of the rest, and all you have to do is wait for updates or for a call from them if any specifics are lacking.

It’s also clear that they live up to their tagline. Unlike most alternatives, Northwest’s website does not offer distracting optional services at every step, allowing you to concentrate on the entire procedure without being sidetracked.

  • Clean Track Record

As previously stated, Northwest Registered Agent has been forming LLCs and acting as a registered agent for more than two decades. They have a lengthy history of dependability and credibility, as evidenced by the positive feedback they garnered.

In order to ensure that the quality of their services remains consistent, intact, and secure, they are maintaining their usual set up of keeping their workforce in-house.

  • Strict Privacy Protocols

Northwest Registered Agent is also proud of its high reputation for its dedication to user privacy protection.

They have built their business procedures anchored to their protocol, Privacy By Default, to preserve your privacy and restrict the exposure of your personal information to the outside world and achieve these through not dealing with third parties, making your information accessible only to in-house employees, never requesting personal information from you unless it is necessary for processing your orders, and more.


  • Costly

Obviously, Northwest is not the most cost-effective at $225 plus state costs. If we look into its competitors, there are less expensive LLC formation packages at around $40 with superb features.

However, if you want to start your new business with the assistance of a competent, professional, and straightforward business formation company that also has excellent customer service, then Northwest is the one for you.

  • Not That Many Customer Reviews

Northwest Registered Agent has fewer third-party customer reviews online than other services. This could be due to their refusal to deal with third parties. While this is not strictly a drawback, it could influence potential customers and readers of reviews like this.


Northwest’s Customer Testimonials and Reviews

As previously said, one of the downsides of Northwest Registered Agent is that there are few online consumer evaluations for them. Nonetheless, we were able to locate a few hundred evaluations on Google, TrustPilot, BBB, and other well-known platforms.

Despite the fact that Northwest is not BBB accredited, the majority of customer reviews are positive. In fact, the organization has an average rating of more than four stars, with the majority of customers complimenting the assistance they receive and the quickness with which their services are provided. However, this does not imply that they are the best option for every entrepreneur wishing to form an LLC. Northwest also did receive complaints or unfavorable reviews, but they are easy to locate because there are just a few of them. In fact, the majority of them have already been resolved if you look at Northwest’s response as well as the status of the complaints.

Overall, despite a few concerns, the company is lauded in most user reviews for their good service, quick return times, and all of its positives.

To give you a clearer picture of how customers see Northwest Registered Agent as an LLC formation service, below are images of valid reviews we collected from various review platforms.

Here are some Northwest reviews from Trustpilot:

Positive ones:

Negative ones:

In addition, here are some Northwest reviews from BBB (Better Business Bureau):

Positive ones:

Negative ones:

Is Northwest the Best Choice for You and Your Business?

With everything that we shared with you, maybe you already arrived with an answer to the question: Is Northwest Registered Agent best for you? Thus, we still prepared more reasons or instances for you to like or dislike them. They may not be suited to every business’ needs but they still have features that could be just right for you if you consider the following:

Northwest Registered Agent is BEST for you…

  • if you want a no-nonsense service without the too many upsells that other LLC formation services seem to prioritize; and
  • if you are looking for one of a kind and premium customer support plus a full year of registered agent service.

Northwest Registered Agent is NOT for you…

  • if you are on a tight budget because there are companies that also offer LLC formation service with a year of registered agent service for cheaper prices and even have a higher volume of customer feedback than what Northwest has.

What Are Northwest Registered Agent Alternatives?

With so many companies offering formation services, we understand that you are reading this review not only to learn about Northwest Registered Agent but also to learn about alternatives that may perform similarly to it at a lower cost. To help you out, we researched two other companies that you can consider working with and that can best match the needs of your business.

Northwest’s Alternative #1: ZenBusiness

Northwest Registered Agent has been in business much longer than ZenBusiness and has assisted millions of people in starting their own businesses. However, if you want the most economical incorporation service available, ZenBusiness is the way to go. They have the industry’s lowest prices, starting at $39, without sacrificing the level of service they provide. You will save roughly $200 if you use their LLC services. A full year of registered agent service is also included.

If you’re curious – we encourage you to read our full review of ZenBusiness here.

$39 + State Fees

Go tozenbusiness.com
zenbusiness logo new-min

ZenBusiness is the top-rated LLC service with one the best quality to price ratios in the market. It ranks #1 in our best LLC services list.

Northwest’s Alternative #2: IncAuthority

Since 1989, Inc Authority has been providing business start-up services. It is now one of the most dependable and renowned firms, having spawned over 145,000 businesses. Inc Authority, like ZenBusiness, is known for providing low-cost formation services. Their basic business formation plan is free, but all business types must pay the filing fees of their formation state. Inc Authority has a big pricing advantage against Northwest because they are one of just two companies in this industry that provide free LLC formation services.


IncAuthority is one of the best-known names in LLC formation service industry. It ranks #4 in our top LLC service list. They’re a great choice for those who want a well-known name and a “FREE” formation package.
Start your LLC today with IncAuthority – visit www.incauthority.com.

Final Judgement

Overall, Northwest Registered Agent is an excellent choice for company formation, legal paperwork, and registered agent services. Their simple online account, competitive price, as well as straightforward and honest business model makes them easy to use. Northwest also works hard to preserve their clients’ privacy and security as the top priority of their business.

Moreover, with their one-on-one Corporate Guide system, Northwest routinely rated higher than most of its competitors, including LegalZoom, Incfile, and ZenBusiness which is proof of their consistency and commitment.

Although Northwest is not the cheapest among competitors and it may lack some of the frills that some competitors provide, you will realize that it is capable of providing greater service if only you will focus on its expertise and on the core services that it offers.

Having said that, we continue to recommend Northwest Registered Agent. Even though they are not the number one of our top picks for incorporation service, since our highly rated ZenBusiness remain as our top bet, the many strong points of Northwest, such as its clean, solid track record and its personalized customer support, make them highly distinguishable and deserving of that rating of 8.5/10.

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Yes, Northwest Registered Agent is a legitimate company. They are a family-owned firm with over 200 employees that has been in operation since 1998. They are headquartered in Spokane, Washington.

It costs $125 per year to use Northwest’s Registered Agent service. People use this solo service if they are starting a new LLC on their own.

However, if you partner with Northwest to incorporate your LLC ($225 + state charge), they will provide you with complimentary Registered Agent service for the first year.

Northwest only offers one incorporation plan, so this is not a choice you will have to make. It is a fantastic package that is packed with great features and includes all of the necessary components. The only thing you will have to think about is whether you will get any of their optional services or not.

They certainly do and Northwest, as your registered agent, can help you with your ongoing compliance requirements.

Although it is not a service they offer, they do offer assistance in working on your publication requirements. If ever you start a business in a state that mandates publication, they will give you step-by-step directions on how to fulfill your own obligation.

Another advantage of Northwest is that there are no additional expenses. They did an excellent job of being open and honest about all of the costs associated with your formation.

You will receive a full refund if you cancel your filing order for an LLC or company before the appropriate documents have been forwarded to the state. If Northwest has previously submitted documentation with the state, you will be reimbursed for a portion of their service charge. State fees that have already been paid on your behalf are never refunded.

Meanwhile, if you want to discontinue the agent services, simply phone them 90 days after signing up and get a refund. You will most likely not receive a complete refund, but rather a percentage of the amount.

Although all orders are treated as rush orders in Northwest, the overall process will still depend on how fast your formation state processes your application. For a more detailed answer, it would be best to check it through their website’s state-specific turnaround time estimator.


So Should I Choose Northwest For My LLC?

Northwest has one of the greatest registered agent services and LLC formation services overall with the perfect support. It is extremely impressive that they offer their registered agent service for a full year at no extra cost. This is, indeed, a big selling feature that is well-loved by the majority of entrepreneurs and that you will also appreciate once you partner with them.

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