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Tailor Brands LLC Review 2022: 7 Pros & Cons You MUST Know

Ranked #15 on our Best LLC Services List

Starting a new business should feel exciting, but the LLC formation process can feel overwhelming when you approach it alone. Filling out and filing necessary forms, researching to see if your business name has been taken, drafting your operating agreement: the list of tasks goes on and on. You don’t have to do it alone. LLC formation services like Tailor Brands come to the rescue, here to streamline your process and make your LLC formation stress-free. There are many choices for LLC formation services, each with unique advantages and disadvantages.

To help you find your perfect formation service fit before you spend any money, we’ve personally tried and explored Tailor Brands. Through this review, we’ll break down the services Tailor Brands offers, and we’ll rate our experience using them. We’ll also explore customer reviews and compare Tailor Brands to its competitors so you can evaluate which would be best for your unique needs. Read on to learn the seven pros and cons you must know before choosing to partner with Tailor Brands.

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Quick Tailor Brands Overview in a Few Paragraphs

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Tailor Brands is based in Brooklyn, New York. Founded in 2014, Tailor Brands was launched to help small businesses get established with ease. Its three founders began their journey when they tried to get two other businesses of their own off the ground. In doing so, they found a gap in the market for business automation services, and they shifted their focus to the formation of Tailor Brands. Tailor Brands seeks to partner with small businesses and help them through every step, from LLC formation to logo creation to marketing methods. 

Tailor Brands markets itself as a one-stop shop for small businesses. Like their competitors, they promise a speedy start-up: “form your LLC like a pro in 5 minutes.” They offer traditional LLC formation services, like paperwork filing and name research. They also offer registered agent services, operating agreements, and annual report filing, which vary in price depending on which package you select. Tailor Brands expands its services beyond other competitors we’ve reviewed, like ZenBusiness and Northwest, through its additional offerings. Tailor Brands offers three unique packages:

  • Lite – With a one-time payment of $49 plus state fees, Tailor Brands will provide LLC formation with standard processing.
  • Essential – At $199 annually plus a one-time payment of state fees, this expanded offering includes: LLC formation at expedited processing, an operating agreement, and an annual compliance guarantee.
  • Elite This package costs an annual fee of $249 plus a one-time payment of state fees. It includes everything in the Essential plan, plus an array of business building tools like logo formation, website builder, social media post maker, and more. 

Their full-service approach to LLC formation intrigued us, and we’ve found many pros and cons to using their services. For this review, we’ve narrowed our focus to their Lite package and their Elite package. Read on to see how we’ve rated their features and who we think Tailor Brands is the best fit for. 

Sneak Peek: Tailor Brands Scored a 6/10

We score every LLC formation service with a list of top-priority factors. For Tailor Brands, our main review points comprise: 

  • Value and Pricing
  • Service Speed
  • Customer Service
  • User Ratings
  • Ease of Process 

Based on these criteria, Tailor Brands earned a 6/10. It offers a unique approach to LLC formation services, expanding far beyond its competitors. Depending on your unique needs, their other offerings, like logo creation, might be very helpful to you. However, if you only need LLC formation and don’t require any branding services, there are some disadvantages to choosing Tailor Brands over some of its competitors.

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Is Tailor Brands the Best Choice for your Business? Our In-Depth Rating of Their Features

Value and Pricing: 7/10

We’ve limited our focus to Tailor Brand’s Lite and Elite packages. At a one-time fee of $49, the Lite package is affordable and competitive in price when compared to its competitors, but it’s also one of the most bare bones packages compared to its competitors. Only the LLC formation is included, and it’s included at Tailor Brand’s standard processing time, which can cause up to two weeks of waiting for customers like you. Though we found that price affordable, we would’ve had more positive thoughts if additional services were included, like an operating agreement. 

tailor brands main

The Elite package boosts the value of Tailor Brand’s packages. It includes many of the basics every business would find valuable: LLC formation, annual compliance, and more. This offering also features expedited processing at no extra cost, which results in a two-day turnaround. At $249, these features alone offer good value, but Tailor Brands included many branding features within this package as well. Logo creation, website building tools, online business cards, and more are also included, which balloon the package’s value for businesses in need of branding services. 

For businesses who aren’t in need, the extra expense for the Elite package may not be worth it. We’ve concluded an overall rating of 7/10 for the value and pricing of the two packages.

Service Speed: 5/10

Tailor Brands offers a standard processing time of fourteen days. This is far behind many of its competitors, like BetterLegal, which guarantees same-day filing for all orders at no extra cost. Tailor Brands offers expedited processing as well in its Elite Plan, and it can also be purchased as an add-on for other packages, like the Lite plan. The expedited processing time promises a two-day turnaround. Knowing so many other competitors offer faster turnaround times for no extra cost, we rated Tailor Brands a 5/10 for their slower service speeds and added costs for expediting them.

Customer Service: 7/10 

Tailor Brands offers a variety of communication avenues that customers can use to connect. The Tailor Brands website features a helpful chat box that allows customers to ask questions to a robot. When queries fall beyond the bot’s realm of knowledge, it connects customers with live chat agents instead. Tailor Brands also lists a phone number customers can use if they prefer verbal communication, as well as an email address customers can reach out to with questions and concerns. We appreciate the variety of communication methods, but we’ve lowered Tailor Brands’ score to a 7/10 because many customer reviews cited difficulty in actually connecting with any Tailor Brands agents when problems arose.

User Ratings – 5/10

We reviewed both Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to gauge how other customers reviewed Tailor Brands. Tailor Brands scored a 3.9 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot, and only 1.15 out of 5 stars on BBB, which averages to a 2.5 out of 5 rating, or 5/10. Many users were divided with their experiences. Some customers complimented Tailor Brand’s speedy turnaround time and unique features. In positive reviews, Tailor Brands was celebrated for its creative design, usability, and streamlined approach to LLC formation.

Negative reviews often had one overwhelming concern: mysterious upcharges and repeated charges. Many unhappy customers called Tailor Brands a scam, citing a lack of transparencies in the billing process. Customers weren’t informed of auto-renewal dates for annual fees, and didn’t receive any notice before the renewal fees were charged. They also found it difficult to opt-out of future costs or switch their pricing plan. After mysterious fees or double charges appeared on their bank accounts, some reviewers had difficulty reaching the Tailor Brands team to remedy any unnecessary expenses. Though we didn’t share any similar negative experiences during our time exploring Tailor Brands, we were alarmed by the frequency of these incidents within negative reviews. 

Ease of Ordering Process – 9/10

Our favorite feature of Tailor Brands was the ease of using its platform. Tailor Brands uses an interactive questionnaire to guide you to your perfect package. The process begins with a quick name search to ensure your desired LLC name is available, and then dives into a series of questions that help gauge where you’re at in your small business process and what you hope to gain from it. Each question is informative and enhanced with fun caricature icons, each of which help the process feel more fun and less stressful. We believe LLC formation should be a time of excitement and celebration, and we felt Tailor Brands helped to capture that positive energy through their platform’s design.

After the questionnaire, Tailor Brands suggests a plan best suited for your needs. If you answer the questionnaire with interest in their branding tools, they suggest the Elite plan, which includes features like logo creation and web design aid. If you don’t ask about these tools, they suggest one of their other packages, which strictly involve LLC formation and related formation services. Regardless of the plan they suggest, they allow you to explore each and compare their benefits. They also break down the costs of each factor, ensuring a clear understanding of each component and their pricing structure. We appreciated Tailor Brands’ transparency and the depth with which they explored the formation process.

Total Rating: 6/10!

We believe giving Tailor Brands a total score of 6/10 is a pretty fair representation of their service when taking into account all the aspects we talked about above.

Getting Started: Breakdown of Tailor Brands’ Services

Before you choose a package from Tailor Brands, you must make an important decision: are you in the market for LLC formation services only, or are you seeking branding services as well?

Tailor Brands & Their LLC Formation Services LLC Formation Services 

LLC formation services are limited to the actions that help you legally start your business. This includes formally registering your business by filing the necessary paperwork with your state’s government entity. It also can include additional aid like drafting your operating agreement and ensuring your business remains tax compliant each year. Some formation packages include a registered agent as well, which ensures you have a dedicated person appointed to monitor communication between you and all government agencies. All LLC formation services that Tailor Brands offer will help you start your business and ensure it’s official, but they won’t do anything to help you establish your brand identity.

Tailor Brands’ Branding Services

Tailor Brands covers virtually every element of small business creation, from legal registration to brand development. This formation service will help you create a brand logo and develop your business website, which includes one free year of domain usage. Tailor Brands also provides aid with social media marketing through a unique social media post maker, and it offers branded online business cards as well. Where formation services help you establish your brand to the proper government agencies, these branding services help you establish your business to your future customers. 

tailor brands branding pricing

Branding is a necessary part for any LLC hoping to sell products and services. Tailor Brands streamlines small business building by providing personalized aid for both LLC formation services and branding strategies. If you’re early in the process of building your brand, these expanded offerings may appeal to you. You can save money, time, and stress with Tailor Brands’ Elite package, which will fulfill many of your small business needs at one cost. 

So Which One Do You Actually Need?

Without the Elite package, you must consult other providers to develop your website, logo, and social media content. This varies in cost, but it also allows you to choose specific branding experts who align with your brand’s style and design. If you’ve already developed a brand website or logo, many of these Elite package features won’t be useful to you. You might waste money by paying for additional services you don’t actually need.

Take time to evaluate exactly what your LLC needs. If you’d benefit from both branding and LLC formation services, consider the Elite package from Tailor Brands to meet all your needs through one simple package. If you’re only in the market for LLC formation services, stick with one of the basic plans, like the Lite plan, in order to get the most value out of your chosen package. We’ve broken down the specific services and pricing for both packages to help you evaluate which will best fit your budget and your needs.

Tailor Brands Pricing and Services Offered 

Tailor Brands offers three unique packages, which we will break down below. For this review, we’ve narrowed our recommendations down to only two: the Lite package, which is their most basic and affordable LLC formation offering, and the Elite packages, which expands to include all LLC formation and branding services. 

Lite – $49 (One-time Fee)

Overview: This Tailor Brands package is ideal for business owners seeking basic formation services only. It’s a single charge of only $49, plus relevant state fees, which we found to be a competitive price. 

What’s Included:

  • LLC Formation 

Tailor Brands will formally file any necessary documentation to ensure your LLC is officially registered with appropriate government agencies, like your state’s department. 

  • Standard Processing

This basic plan offers Tailor Brands’ basic processing time of fourteen days. You can choose to add expedited processing for an additional $49. 

Essential – $199 (Annual Fee)

Overview: This Tailor Brands package is ideal for business owners seeking extensive formation services only, like operating agreements and annual compliance. This plan does not include registered agent services, which we found disappointing considering the high annual price. We’ve opted not to recommend this plan in our review because many competitors offer the equivalent or greater services for a lower price, and have a better overall rating than Tailor Brands. We will unpack alternatives later in this review.

What’s Included:

  • LLC Formation 
  • Expedited Processing

This plan offers Tailor Brands’ expedited processing time of two days. 

  • Operating Agreement 

Though operating agreements are only mandatory in three states (California, Missouri, and New York), they’re highly beneficial to every business. Operating agreements are official documents that outline answers to important questions, like who the LLC owners are, how profits will be distributed among members, and what happens in the event of unfortunate circumstances, like an owner’s death. 

This document establishes how your business will be governed, and it’s important that you work with an expert to ensure it’s detailed, professional, and ready to handle any circumstances your business will face. We appreciate that it’s included in Tailor Brands’ package, though we wish it could’ve been added to the Lite plan as well to boost its value. 

  • Annual Compliance 

In order to maintain good standing with government agencies, you’re required to submit annual compliance reports. This documentation provides critical information regarding your business’s performance and financial operations. This necessary task can quickly become an administrative burden, so we appreciate that Tailor Brands simplifies the process and includes it within their package. 

Elite – $249 (Annual Fee)

Overview: This Tailor Brands package is ideal for business owners seeking extensive formation and branding services. It will be most beneficial to small businesses entirely new to their journey, without a previous logo or website. This plan still does not include registered agent services, which disappointed us. As a one-stop shop for small businesses, this plan remains incomplete, but it offers great value and savings to small businesses in need of multi-faceted support. 

What’s Included:

  • LLC Formation 
  • Expedited Processing

This plan offers Tailor Brands’ expedited processing time of two days. 

  • Operating Agreement 
  • Annual Compliance 
  • Website Builder Tools 

In this package, Tailor Brands provides the tools necessary to develop your professional website. Many users complimented the range of features and design elements included within these website builder tools. 

  • 1 Year Free Domain Use

When creating a professional website, you must purchase a website domain. The cost repeats annually. In this package, Tailor Brands will cover the first year’s domain expense.

  • 8 Free Custom Logos

Tailor Brands offers logo creation, allowing customers who select this plan to create up to eight logos for their new brand. 

  • Digital Business Card 

This plan includes a personalized and professional business card to represent your brand through all your online networking and connection building. 

  • Social Media Post Maker 

Tailor Brands equips you with the tools necessary to create a cohesive, eye-catching theme for your brand’s social media posts. 

Tailor Brands’ Additional Services Overview & Their Prices

Besides its three packages, Tailor Brands offers a list of additional services which can be added onto any package you select. Some services below are already included within the Elite package, as explored above, but we’ve listed them here to breakdown the add-on price of each, in case you’d like to tack them onto the Lite package. Below, we’ve outlined each additional service, their price, and whether we recommend them. 

  • Annual Compliance Service – $199 annually

We find annual compliance services to be beneficial for every business. Outsourcing this critical tasks ensures it gets done properly and without added effort on your part. At $199 a year, we found this price to be very high compared to many competitors. We would not recommend purchasing this service from Tailor Brands, but would recommend consulting alternative service providers who can get the job done without breaking the budget. 

  • Registered Agent – $199 annually

In the United States, it’s required for every corporation to have a registered agent. Registered agents are assigned to receive all legal correspondence for your business. They must live within the same state that your business is registered in, and they must be available to receive correspondence during business hours. 

Technically, anyone can serve as a registered agent, provided they’re living in the same state where your business is registered. We still often recommend outsourcing this role because for LLC owners, it’s an additional task that adds effort and stress. It’s critical you receive important legal correspondence because if you don’t respond promptly, missing out on official requests can cause fees, penalties, and even lawsuits. Count on an expert to monitor your communications and ensure you stay informed and stress free.

We were surprised and disappointed that this service wasn’t included within the Elite package. We were even more disappointed by the high annual fee, which is much pricier than many competitors. BetterLegal, for example, offers registered agent services at only $90 a year. Many competitors also include it within their value packages. Ultimately, we believe Tailor Brands is overcharging for this beneficial service, and we suggest consulting competitors to get a more fair price.

  • Employer Identification Number (EIN) – $99 (one time fee)

EINs, or Employee Identification Numbers, are types of IDs required for new businesses. It helps identify the tax accounts for businesses. For a one-time fee of $99, Tailor Brands will get your EIN from the United States Internal Revenue Service. You can use this number on tax forms and when setting up a business bank account. You’ll also provide the number to any W-2 employees for their own tax purposes. 

EIN filing is a simple process, already streamlined by government agencies. On the IRS website, you’ll find an EIN application page, which can be completed and submitted within only a few minutes. This is a task that is relatively easy to complete without the aid of a formation service. For nearly $100 to fill out a form you can easily complete on your own with information you already have readily available, we would not recommend this add-on. We felt it was overpriced for what it offered, and we suggest completing this independently or with the help of other formation services who price this offering more affordably. 

  • Operating Agreement – $29 (one time fee)

We recommend every business create a comprehensive operating agreement, which will help best prepare you for any circumstance you may face. This service is included in the two most expensive packages offered by Trial Brands. At $29, we found this to be a standard offering that you could consider adding if you opt for the Lite package.

7 Pros and Cons You Shouldn’t Miss


  • Extensive Service Offerings: Tailor Brands offer comprehensive services for both LLC formation and branding needs.
  • Easy to Use: Tailor Brands makes the LLC formation process simple and exciting with their easy-to-use, visually appealing website.
  • Multiple Packages: Tailor Brands offers multiple packages that allow you to get exactly the help you need at the prices you prefer.


  • Value and Pricing: Tailor Brands has a much higher price than their competitors for most services. Their Elite value-packed bundle will only be beneficial to small businesses brand new to their journeys.
  • Poor Customer Ratings: With a 1.15 star rating on BBB, many customers have responded negatively to Tailor Brands.
  • Registered Agent as an Add-On: Tailor Brands offers resident agents services, but at $199 a year, we found this price to be much steeper than many competitors without expanding any value. 
  • Turnaround Time: In order to receive faster turnaround times, you must pay an additional fee. Many of Tailor Brands’ competitors offer speedy turnarounds free.

What Other People Are Saying About Tailor Brands?

As we mentioned earlier, they definitely don’t have a very good customer rating when looking on review and testimonial aggregator sites.

For example:

Here are some of the real people testimonials from Trustpilot:

tailorbrands TP review 3

Tailor Brands versus Competitors’ Pricing

Here you will find a simple chart we compiled quickly comparing Tailor Brands’ prices with their biggest competitors.

ServiceBasic PackageFull PackageFull Package + Biz Website
Tailor Brands$49$249$249
Northwest Registered Agent$39$39
Rocket Lawyer$140$290

Basic Package: That one covers the most basic and required business entity creation. It will include filing of the Articles of Organization and the Operating Agreement drafting for an LLC.

Full Package: this will include everything on Basic Package plus a Registered Agent service, EIN, bylaws and some other non-essentials but mostly ‘good-to-have’ stuff.

Full Package + Biz Website: includes everything from 2 above and a fully functional and secure business website done by professionals.

* — free ($0) formation actually means the very very basic services that you will get without any additional features and state fees. Most of the companies offer free registered agent service for the 1st year only, after that you’ll get charged a yearly fee.

Also, if you take any additional features like expedited filing, EIN obtaining or etc. – you will be charged for that.

Best Alternatives for Tailor Brands

#1: Northwest Registered Agent – (Our Rating: 9.5/10)

Northwest offers only one package: their premium bundle at $225. Within it, they include:

  • Name Availability Search
  • Articles of Organization
  • Registered Agent
  • Operating Agreement 
  • Compliance Reminders
  • Individual Online Account

Northwest offers a more comprehensive approach to LLC formation in their premium package. Though it doesn’t include the branding offerings like the premium package by Tailor Brands, it provides all necessary LLC formation services without breaking the bank. 

Click here for our full review of Northwest.


Northwest Registered Agent is one of the top-rated LLC services with one the best customer support in the market. It ranks #2 in our best LLC services list.

#2: ZenBusiness – (Our Rating: 9/10)

ZenBusiness is our top-rated LLC formation service provider. They offer a range of packages to best fulfill your needs, and their starter package begins at only $49 annually. Tailor Brands also begins at $49, but ZenBusiness offers much more within their plan:

  • Name Availability Search
  • Articles of Organization
  • Registered Agent
  • Operating Agreement 
  • Accounting and Tax Assessment 

For the same price as Tailor Brands, ZenBusiness explodes the value. $49 a year for a registered agent and all necessary formation services far beats out Tailor Brands, which only offers paperwork filing for that price.

For a full review of Zenbusiness — click here.

$49 + State Fees

Go tozenbusiness.com
zenbusiness logo new-min

ZenBusiness is the top-rated LLC service with one the best quality to price ratios in the market. It ranks #1 in our best LLC services list.

Final Judgement & Verdict

After a thorough exploration of Tailor Brands, we conditionally recommend two plans: the Lite package and the Elite. If you’re seeking an affordable, bare-bones approach to LLC formation, Tailor Brands is a worthy choice to consider. The Lite package will ensure your LLC is formally registered, and if you’re already planning to use other service providers to draft your operating agreement of service as a registered agent, the minimal Lite package will fulfil your needs. However, there are competitors, like ZenBusiness, which will provide much more value for the same price. If you’re still in the market for registered agents or experts who can draft your operating agreement, ZenBusiness will meet all your needs for only $49. 

We found Tailor Brands’ Elite package to be it’s most value-packed by far. For $249, you’ll receive both formation services and foundational branding aid. For small businesses starting from scratch, this is a competitively priced package that empowers you with the bulk of the features you need. You can craft a website, receive a personalized logo, build cohesive social media posts, and more through this package, besides the LLC formation basics like annual compliance and operating agreements. 

If you need branding services besides LLC formation, Tailor Brands is an affordable, high-quality option. We recommend their Elite package to streamline your small business startup. If you’re not in need of any branding development, the Elite package is not worth the price tag. Instead, consult a competitor to maximize your value without maxing out your budget.

Finally, we believe Tailor Brands offers average benefits. As an LLC formation service provider, they pale compared to many competitors, who offer faster, more affordable products. As a one-stop shop for small businesses, they excel in helping small businesses establish themselves through the legal lens and the branding lens. Tailor Brands offers a unique approach to business automation, which we appreciated exploring. Despite lower customer ratings, conditional benefits, and the lack of included registered agents within their premium plan, we were impressed with Tailor Brands’ comprehensive services for small businesses in need, and we’ve rated Tailor Brands a 6/10.


We had positive experiences with Tailor Brands, and didn’t feel scammed or anxious. However, many customers have shared negative experiences regarding mysterious charges and double charges by Tailor Brands, and the frequency of these complaints raised red flags for us. Use caution when interacting with Tailor Brands, and monitor your credit card for any unknown fees. Reach out to Tailor Brands through its various communication avenues if any problems develop.

Tailor Brands offers three packages, which start at $49, $199, and $249, respectively. Additional services can also be tacked onto the package of your choice.

Registered agents cost an additional $199, and are not included in any plan. 

Through standard processing, Tailor Brands commits to submitting your paperwork to relevant government agencies within fourteen days of purchasing the package. Tailor Brands also offers expedited pricing, which is included for free within the Essential and Elite packages. With expedited pricing, they will file the paperwork within two business days of your purchase.


Is Tailor Brands a Good LLC Service for Your New Business?

All in all, Tailor Brands is truly a good company with decent support.

Although, they don’t have the best customer ratings and they can definitely work on their service packages value. But they’re truly a good choice if you also need a branding solution for your newly started LLC.

However, if you’re looking for something else, we recommend checking out our recommended alternatives.

Go towww.tailorbrands.com

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