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Incorporate.com Review 2022: “2” Things We Didn’t Like About Them

Ranked #16 on our Best LLC Services List

Incorporate.com is a formation company popular for its world-class services and detailed LLC formation options. It provides all sorts of business setup services for clients, making it the perfect option for business enthusiasts that need to learn how to start their venture. The company offers some of the best services for business formation, which include:

  • Business compliance
  • Incorporation 
  • LLC formation
  • Registered agent services 

Despite its long-running services and experience in the industry, the company still needs to catch up in some areas of services. Therefore, this review will discuss all the important details and information to make your experience with Incorporate.com simpler and easier.

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Our experts have focused on finding the most versatile information about the business formation company. It will include some common questions that might worry you.

Therefore, you will find all the important information about the Incproprate.com platform in this review. These include:

  • Can I Avail Incorporate.com for Free?
  • Does Incorporate.com have a Cancellation or Refunds Policy?
  • Which States Does this Company Cover?
  • Who is Active Filing Suitable for?

Incorporate.com Overview in a Nutshell

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Quick Word: We Gave Incorporate.com 8 out of 10

  • Price
  • Turnaround time
  • Customer service
  • User experience
  • Track Record

Based on the research conducted by our team, we believe that Incorporate.com is a fairly ok service. The company offers some of the best customer service and a long-running service, but there is one thing we still don’t like about it, i.e., their formation services are slightly overpriced than others (more on this later). It can be problematic for users as it doesn’t cater to their budget and may feel too costly. 

Moreover, the package setup is also a little misleading, which can be problematic for some clients. The increased cost compared to the competitors can make us feel that Incorporate.com’s services might feel pricey and overvalued to some.

You will also have to pay a registration fee on their platform, which can contribute to the overall cost of services. 

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Quick Summary of Incorporate.com

The Incorporate.com Company was first started in 1899 by two business owners who aimed to operate with the same business idea, i.e., assisting business formation. They collaborated and used their collective experience and industry understanding to deliver the best solutions for the clients.

 The company first started as Corporation Service Company® and has operated for more than a year. What we found more interesting is that the company was renamed several times over the years, but its objectives and working methods are still the same. 

Their services have helped nearly 750,000 businesses start and currently have a large client base handled by 2500 employees. The company started operations in Delaware but now has well-structured infrastructure all over the U.S.

We reviewed incorporate.com; we found that the platform knows the most suitable entrepreneurial service designed for you. They’ve formed a legal entity, and have a valid eligible status in the industry, making them the leading company for your needs. They can also provide you with associate services designed to give your business an edge over the competition.  

We are sure their services can make your business thrive, regardless of your niche, business situation, or goals. They have comprehensive analysis teams to provide you with the data you need. The company now offers a plethora of add-ons for your business needs that we didn’t find in the majority of the competitors:

  • Registering foreign qualification
  • Operating Agreement and corporate bylaws
  • Getting a DBA
  • Electing an S-Corp taxation status
  • EIN acquisition, annual filing

In short, the services provided by Incorporate.com are one of the finest ones available for you. For your understanding, let’s move on to a more in-depth review of the company.

In-Depth Review of Incorporate.com

Incorporate.com is one of the oldest firms operating in the industry. They know how to assess and deliver to the client’s needs. We have found many positive and negative things about the platform that you should know about. Therefore, we will discuss the details in particular sections, with the ratings provided by our experts after the analysis. We have considered each company element separately and provided the corresponding rating accordingly. 

Incorporate.com Service Plans and Pricing

The pricing and plans at Incorporate.com can be challenging to understand, which is why our experts took the liberty to assess their plans ourselves.

Incorporate.com’s Pricing: 7/10

Incorporate.com is not very different from competitors regarding its pricing plans. Like other services, they have pricing and services based on the tiers. They have multi-tier formation packages, making them a suitable choice for clients that want more versatile options for their next business formation services.

incorporate package pricing

The features of each of these tier-based packages are different and range from a basic package to a full-fletched service combination designed for clients with more needs. The initial costs of these packages start from $99, growing up to $349, with more versatile features.

 The pricings are available for 49 different states around the U.S., but some U.S. citizens may get different prices. We found that Nevada and Delaware can choose lower prices at Incorporate.com. They range from $79, $199, and $279. Let’s discuss each of these pricing programs with their available add-ons separately.

  • Starter Bundle for $99

Incorporate.com knows they have to cater to a large audience of users from all over the U.S. Therefore, they have a starter bundle with a baseline price of $99. It comes with a registered agent service for $235. Our experts believe this option is the most versatile one available for clients starting their business formation who need basic support for the lift. 

You can also add a variety of add-ons to your subscriptions based on your requirements. There’s a covered preparing and filing formation documents option for clients, which makes the process easier. However, you will have to pay for the other add-ons separately. You can upgrade your bundle to a higher subscription and get the required support. 

  • Essentials Bundle for $249

The middle-tier service option is the Essentials Bundle at $249. This package has all the features of the starter bundle but also adds some add-ons to the service complimentary. 

The middle-tier subscription is best for medium to small businesses, as they get all the basic support from Incorporate.com. Additionally, there’s an EIN Acquisition available for the users in this package, making the service option the best. 

  • Works Bundle at $349

The Works Bundle is the best solution for large-scale business formers who want fully automated service options. Incorporate.com offers the most versatile services and add-ons for its clients through this service option.

The clients get preparing and document filing complimentary with the package, as well as an operating agreement draft to meet the documentation requirements within the business setup. You also get an EIN acquisition like in the Essentials Bundle mentioned earlier. Our experts also found that the business licensing services are covered within the Works Bundle for $349. 

The only extra cost you have to bear is the quick dispatch option, but that’s only $20. Moreover, you may also have to pay $150 for the annual filings, which brings your total to $499 each month. 

There’s also a dedicated state fee that you have to pay for their services. The pricing chart on the website provides more information about the features provided:

  • Corporate Compliance Guarantee

The company is responsible for any documentation mistakes that may occur during submission. Moreover, Incorporate.com has a compensation of $75 000 for any financial losses a business suffers because of its mistakes. It makes the service best for risk-free business formation.

  • CSCNavigator Tool

The CSCN Navigator Tool is a separate room on your website where you’ll get alerts on important business info. For example, it can include vital due dates, dedicated space to save your business documents, and business records tracking. It makes business management easy to control for owners via safe online access to business data without compromising its security. 

We know all this information can feel too overwhelming to comprehend. Therefore, here’s a comprehensive table explaining all the features and offerings for each package we discussed earlier

Service OptionStarter Bundle at $99Essentials Bundle at $249Works Bundle at $349
Registered Agent Service (per year)$235$235$235
Quick Dispatch$20$20$20
Preparing and filing formation documentsCoveredCoveredCovered
Operating Agreement Draft$99$99Covered
EIN Acquisition$80CoveredCovered
Business Licensing$99$99Covered
Annual filings (per year)$150$150$150

If you still have more queries and questions about the pricing, you can reach out to their customer support and get first-hand support.

Important to Note:

Encouraging new customers and clients to engage is the main aim of Incorporate.com, which is why you get discounts from time to time. As of the date of this review, our experts have found various discounts available for clients and customers.  

Incorporate.com reduced its overall price by about 20%. So, if you have a good business idea that needs a legal form, it might be the best time to connect with Incorporate.com and form your business venture. 

Turnaround Time: 8/10

Incorporate.com is very transparent and straightforward about its document filing. Therefore they consistently update their clients about the business owners. It makes the process pretty straightforward, as the clients always have an estimated period. They also clearly know when their company will be registered and ready for operations. 

We filed for our LLC user their Starter Package and had a very good experience with them. The estimates they provided us were pretty accurate. 

Our business was registered and formed as promised. It’s nice to see that Incorporate.com takes its commitment seriously and delivers what they promise.

Customer Service: 9/10

Incorporate.com offers world-class customer support, so we decided to test their full support. We were concerned about their so-called transparency, but we were not disappointed.

There are 3 main methods to reach out to their professionals. You can choose between:

  • Chat
  • Email
  • Phone

The call response was almost immediate, allowing us to get instant information from them. However, emails took around 24 hours for a response (which is not that bad).

Our team contacted Incorporat.com on a Tuesday during their operating hours. We got our answers almost immediately. We asked, “What is the best way to form an LLC in California? “And received a concise and professional response. 

We know there aren’t many reviews and details, but their customer support has passed our assessment. 

User Experience: 8/10

Incorporate.com knows the key to long-term success is providing its clients with the best user experience. The robust customer support isn’t the only that makes the user experience special. There is more one can do for a better customer experience. 

For instance, upgrading your subscription from the Starter Package to a middle or top-tier one is very simple. You need to contact professionals, and they will walk you through the upgrade process. 

Track Record: 6/10

The track record at Incoprorate.com is the best selling point for the company. They have more than 100 years of experience and services in the industry and have helped thousands of businesses peak over the years. They get the job done consistently, making them a reliable option for clients looking for suitable experts.  

The company has been around for years, but its operational costs are much higher than the others. It can irritate some customers to work their way through so many add-ons that the company may offer. They have been in the industry for generations, but their operating costs are relatively higher than others.

Given their long track record — we found it strange that they don’t have Trustpilot or Yelp reviews pages. It’s either because they absolutely don’t encourage people writing testimonials or they just had their pages removed due to fake reviews or some other issues. Which would be a big red flag.

Total Rating: 6/10!

We believe giving Incorporate.com a total score of 6/10 is a pretty fair representation of their service when taking into account all the aspects we talked about above.


Pros and Cons of Incorporate.com

Based on our experience with Incorporate.com, we are pretty much satisfied with our experience. We loved the way the company handled our professionals and the way they provided us with the required solutions. Based on our experience, the following are some of the top pros and cons that are professionals for Incorporate.com.


  • They Have Plenty of Experience

The biggest benefit that makes Incorporate.com is its immense experience. They have been around in the industry for nearly 100 years. They have handled thousands of clients over their operating period. Therefore, they are ready to address all kinds of business formation problems you could face in the industry.

  • Online Learning Center

Incorporate.com believes in training and educating its clients. Therefore, they have a well-structured and detailed online learning center. Our experts found detailed information on business organizations, their ventures, founders, and other company info. The best part is the online learning center is 100% free and adds great value for business enthusiasts.

  • On-Time Project Formation Estimates

The professionals at Incorporate.com know the importance of updating their clients timely. Our experts got on-time updates regarding their business formation. This way, clients know what they are signing up for. 


Since the services are so popular, it’s crucial to note down some of the top cons you might have to face if you aren’t prepared for them in advance.

  • High Up-sales

Adding up-sales is a major part of the game for many service providers in the service-based industry. However, our experts felt like Incorporate.com was a little too motivated to score their up-sales with the clients. Most often, these up sales will be pricier for you as a business. However, they might be useful for some users if handled correctly. They might persuade you to register for an EIN separately, costing you around $80 more. Or they might recommend adding $70 to the plan for quicker case filing. Yes, the up-sales are convenient as all clients have to do is add their payments online. But we still don’t think it favors the business owners. 

  • They Have Relatively High Prices

Prices at Incorporate.com are relatively higher than other services in the industry. However, that’s not the only setback. The platform offers fewer features in its bundle packs, making clients spend more on subscriptions than usual. Moreover, their up sales are costlier and kill the purpose of bundling services together. 

2 Things We Didn’t Like About Them

Incoprorate.com has provided some of the best industry services for clients. Our recent research shows they cater to thousands of clients every year. However, there is one thing we do not like about them. The service has been around for several years and knows how important pricing is for customers. However, they still have high prices, making it difficult for most clients to bear costs. 

Apart from above-average prices, they do not include several services (like Registered Agent, most importnatly), even in their top-tier services. Clients have to purchase these services separately, making them increase their budget. We had to pay around $400 for their basic package while testing their services. Here are the details about the two main features not included in the Incorporate.com service packages. 

No Registered Agent Service Included

A registered agent service can be of great assistance to business enthusiasts. These agents are trained to provide companies with the required guidance and information. Several market competitors provide these registered agent services within their packages. 

Unfortunately, despite its merits, we did not get this option with Incorporate.com. Yes, they have the option, but customers must select it as an add-on. It can increase the cost of the total package too.

No Annual Report Service

An annual report allows business owners to assess their progress, identify the flaws, and source the right steps for the future. The reports provide comprehensive information about the business’s progress throughout the year. 

However, Incorporate.com didn’t provide us with these reports with our subscriptions. There is a $150 additional charge for the annual filings, which can also contribute to the total cost of services.

We believe the service should come up with a way to cater to this need better and provide their customers with the most suitable solutions for this situation. 

3rd Party Reviews and Customer Testimonials

The customer testimonials and third-party reviews for Incorporate.com are excellent. Yes, they have some problems, but they might not impact your decision when choosing them as your service provider. The company offers years of experience, customer support, and several other benefits. 

They are also great if on-time updates and business formation are your priority. Most testimonials show that they handle their clients with utmost care; therefore, clients get better services.

 You can easily check the details from their websites or read third-party reviews online. It’ll give you more information. The company also has an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau. The only service-related problem reported is getting billed too often. 

We suggest you check your payment history before making a payment on the platform to safeguard yourself from double payments.

Also, we found it very strange that we couldn’t locate Incorporate.com’s profiles for Trustpilot, Google reviews or Yelp.

Although, we found some people talking on Reddit about them. But the thread is very old and doesn’t provide much value.

We did find a few reviews on their Facebook page. Here are some of their customer review examples:

As you can see, they’re not very great, plus they’re very old.

Also, we were able to locate some Trustpilot reviews of their mother company — “CSC”. But reviews are, unfortunately, overwhelmingly negative:

Is Incorporate.com the Best Choice for You?

Incorporate.com is decent option for your business formation needs. It is a no-brainer option for new business owners that want to see their venture go live quick and without any hassle. Yes, the pricing on the platform is slightly higher, but it’s not the highest in the industry.

Plus, there’s no harm in paying a little extra if it reels in the desired results. They can take care of the boring, old paperwork and let you focus on your business ideas. Our experts believe Incorporate.com is the best option for you if you:

  • Are you not looking for a registered agent service or want to hire the service from a third-party source
  • Want to work with a company with many years of experience and industry reputation. 

Just keep the negative aspects in mind, and you should have no problem while hiring Incoporate.com.

If you are new to business formation services, we recommend starting with their basic package as it’s more affordable. You can always switch your services if you do not like their operations. Here’s a table detailing Incorporate.com’s service packages and other service providers. 

Incorporate.com vs. Other Service Providers

CompanyBasic Package (state fee excluded)Full Package (with registered agent service included)
Northwest Registered Agent (#1 alternative)$39$39

* — free ($0) formation actually means the very very basic services that you will get without any additional features and state fees. Most of the companies offer free registered agent service for the 1st year only, after that you’ll get charged a yearly fee.

Also, if you take any additional features like expedited filing, EIN obtaining or etc. – you will be charged for that.

Best Incorporate.com Alternatives

#1 Alternative: Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent has some of the best LLC services online and offline. Their rates are cheap, and their turnaround time is quite fast (not more than 1 or 2 days.) Their customer support is one of the most attractive features on the website. It has allowed their clients to get the best support for their needs whenever they need guidance.

Click here for our full review of Northwest.


Northwest Registered Agent is one of the top-rated LLC services with one the best customer support in the market. It ranks #2 in our best LLC services list.

#2 Alternative: ZenBusiness

Looking for a reliable LLC service with an affordable price plan? Zen business is your go-to service provider. The flexible offers and money-back guarantee of sixty days (state fees not included.) make it one of the best options for clients that want to set up and run their business problem free. The best thing about the service is that if you’re not satisfied, you can get a refund. This way, you’ll know your hard-earned money is safe. 

Click here for our full review of ZenBusiness.

$49 + State Fees

Go tozenbusiness.com
zenbusiness logo new-min

ZenBusiness is the top-rated LLC service with one the best quality to price ratios in the market. It ranks #1 in our best LLC services list.

Final Thoughts

After hours of research, calling, service testing, and all other data collection, we recommend using Incorporate.com on a 50/50 condition. They surely have a lot of experience, but certainly not a lot of great customer testimonials.

We recommend you start with their basic plan to try out their services. You might consider another business formation company if you want to move on to more complex and versatile services. If company experience is your main priority, contact them today. Their experts will provide you with all the required information and make your lives significantly easier. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Incorporate.com is an industry leader and has been a part of the business formation niche for more than a century. They have seen the market mould and offer their clients some of the best resources. There’s a dedicated Learning Center that clients can access for free and gain information about business formation and how to make their venture successful. It provides these clients with a better understanding of the industry. 

Incorporate.com is a remarkable service and covers all 50 states around the U.S., as well as the state of Columbia. Dedicated offices and services in each state have allowed Incorporate.com to provide its customers with comprehensive services all year.

All services canceled before the business formation request is submitted to a federal, local, or state office are returned to the clients. However, the state fee is not returned in every case. Therefore, customers should discuss the policy details with customer support or learn more.

Incorporate offers some of the best services for their clients in the U.S. they have versatile service bundles. The company caters to users of all backgrounds. However, we believe their Basic Plan is the best option for new business owners with little industry understanding. Trying their services with the basic plan can provide you with the required information for further action. 

Yes, but with several conditions. It provides all kinds of packages, services, and options for clients, making them an ideal choice. If you don’t need a Registered Agent and are not against paying more than the average market price – it can be a decent option. We recommend you check out the full-service details directly from their website and learn the full spectrum of their services.


Is Incorporate.com the best choice for my new business?

They are a truly great company with many years of experience. They will get the job done and they’re a good choice for your new business if you’re looking to buy a Registered Agent service elsewhere and don’t mind paying a little bit more than the market average.

Other than that, we advise you to check out our recommended alternatives which might even be more beneficial for your new business and save you some cash as well.

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