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Swyft Filings Review 2022: Honest Pros & Cons (The Worst Thing About Them)

Ranked #11 On Our Best LLC Service List

Swyft Filings LLC is a company that provides document preparation and filing services. The company was established in 2012 and has been providing quality service to its customers since then. Swyft Filings LLC’s software allows users to file their documents from any location, including from their office desk or the comfort of their own home.

However, Swyft Filings is seen as a rookie company. Still, with a wide range of businesses served, the LLC service has been able to carve out an important aspect of the market despite multiple competition.

Continue reading this review to find adequate information about the Swyft Filings LLC service and how you can successfully employ their services in your company.

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Swyft Filings Overview in a Nutshell

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Sneak Peek: Swyft Filings Got a rating of 6/10

Swyft Filings are one of the many LLC formation and document preparation services out there.

They specialize in incorporating LLCs, C/S Corporations, Non-profits and DBAs.
You will also find them offering legal business management services.

It is one of the smaller competitors to old and established players like Northwest or Incfile. But it still has something valuable to offer. But it comes with a price…
Their Registered Agent service costs $149 per quarter ($596 per year) – which is the worst thing! So if you ask me – there are services like Northwest Registered Agent that offers a lot better deals.

To make a well-informed decision – we urge you to continue reading our review which we divided in main sections and rated Swyft Filings by the following:

Main Review Points:

  • Overall value and pricing
  • Customer support
  • Track record
  • Ease of Process
  • Service Speed (TAT)

            These review points are the highlights of this review. These will help you come up with the most appropriate decision and guide you in understanding why we gave Swyft Filings a score of 6/10.

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In-depth Review of Swyft Filings – What Are Their Main Features?

To understand the Swyft Filings LLC service, you need to get familiar with the basic features. Here are some of the basic features and some elaborations:

Overall Value and Pricing — 6/10

Swyft Filings’ pricing point is quite impressive. However, the overall value of the pricing packages turns out to be quite expensive.

Swyft Filings LLC service’s Basic package costs only about $49. This price is considered competitive when accessed from the surface. However, it doesn’t comprise any additional feature besides helping the companies build up businesses and making readily available alert systems.

Swyft Filings LLC service’s Standard package is quite reasonable, as a range of companies can afford it. On the other hand, their Deluxe package is more expensive when an extra value isn’t included.

Besides, their registered agent service costs about $149 quarterly (which is a LOT). If this service were included as a significant feature on all Swyft Filings LLC service packages, it would call for more value.

Like many other incorporation services, there is quite a lot of fluff introduced into the main characteristics of Swyft Filings LLC service packages, making it seem like you’re getting more credits than you deserve.

Customer Support — 6/10

Swyft Filings adequately offer live chat support, email, and phone from 10 am to 7 pm, Monday to Friday. Swyft filings also tend to reach out to their customers via channels, and this way, they can see for themselves how fast the response time is and the quality of their support system.

Overall, the response time is excellent, although the answers we got were elementary. Reaching out via live chat, we were linked to a customer service representative immediately. The entire time spent on live chat wasn’t even up to a minute, and our constraints were addressed accordingly; however, not expanded.

For email response, an average of 4 hours waiting time is required, and this is one of the fastest email response times ever recorded in the industry. Most of Swyft Filing LLC service’s competitors have an email response time of about 24 hours. Still, we received a similar response via email within about four hours, which was the fastest email response time we’ve received across all incorporation companies.

Finally, putting phone support to the test, we figured that response was received for a little over a minute, and the phone representatives answer questions concisely and accurately.

Overall, the swift response of Swyft Filing LLC service is much appreciated regardless of the medium the customer decides to use. The representatives are also not in any way pushy. However, they don’t provide additional information. This is seen as a significant drawback.

Track Record — 5/10

Established by an attorney in 2012, this service corporation gained entry into the incorporation business a lot earlier than some other related services. The time expended in the industry isn’t even included in the “About Us” on the service’s website.

When customer reviews are put into consideration, Swyft Filings LLC’s service has a significant pro. We can comfortably say that a customer’s feedback is one of the major strongholds of this service corporation, and this is because there are over 20,000 reviews online. A lot more than 90% are fluctuating between 4 and 5- star ratings.

In their customer reviews, this service corporation seldom discusses the firm support they get from the public. They tend to commend their service representatives for this, and at the same time, give them credit. They also enjoy the ease of use derived from this service corporation, as many of their clients mention how easy it was to build up new businesses.

To crown it all, although Swyft filing is new in the industry, they have developed an excellent track record that serves as a fascinating attribute.

Turnaround Time for A Typical Service — 6/10

Swyft Filings assures their customer service processing on the same day the service is ordered. Some services might end up not being delivered on the same business day. Still, operatives make sure processing never takes more than 24 hours for document compilation and submission to your formation state.

Swyft Filings also tends to provide rush services with the customer’s state authority, but this comes at a fee depending on the expediting options that your state goes with.

Whether you go for expedited service or the regular standard mode of operation, Swyft Filings Service will still provide customers with a time estimate for a particular state. All told, Swyft Filings’ turnaround times are pretty competitive with other service companies in the industry, but it still lags behind the top services in our list.

Placing Orders at Ease — 7/10

Once you’re done selecting a package alongside the necessary add-ons needed, the application process wouldn’t take much time, about 10-20 minutes at most, as long as you’ve all your information at your disposal.

You also need to recall that they don’t include duly registered agents, with any package, unlike other competitors that do so. A significant benefit of possessing a registered account is that your data is adequately protected, as you’ll be able to use Swyft Filings’ address to obtain crucial document deliveries. It’s also a reasonable means of chopping junk mails.

Swyft fillings can also easily designate a business address for customers, but this can only be done at a price, $29 monthly. Allowing the application to designate a business address for you makes the whole process less confusing.

Later in the application process, you can decide to have Swyft Filings serve as your legally approved agent. Try to work with the right option so you’ll have the opportunity to include a permit or license package in your formation.

Total Rating: 6/10!

We believe giving Swyft Filings a total score of 6/10 is a pretty fair representation of their service when taken into account all the aspects we talked about above.

Details About Swyft Filings LLC Pricing and Packages

Swyft Filings grant its customers three (3) key options when LLC formation packages are put into consideration:

  • Basic
  • Premium
  • Standard

Each of these packages has its price point and ultimate feature set. Let’s talk more about them.

#1. Basic Package ($49+State Fees)

The Basic package, which goes out at $49 plus a state Fee, guarantees the following benefits:

  • Article Preparation and Filing for the Organization: The basic package helps the company form with state government; the services prepare these forms and afterwards, files them with the Secretary of State’s office; this happens in your state of formation.
  • Verification of Name: This package will also help search through the companies’ business databases to ascertain that there are absolutely no other companies using a similar name to the one you intend to use.
  • Customer Support: The basic package doesn’t deprive you of customer care support, as you tend to receive as much email and phone support as you need. This feature is valid throughout your business cycle.
  • Tax Consultation: The basic package will also employ a no-obligation consult session with an active accounting firm. This firm will help discuss how your firm is taxed, using business bank accounts, and lots more.
  • Proper Guard of Company Alerts: Swyft Filings basic package gives you access to corporate compliance tools. These tools will help keep track of crucial filing deadlines; this way, you won’t have to worry about missing dates given your company’s formation state. Here, you can access your incorporation documents.
  • One Year Free Domain Access: This package also grants its users a domain name at zero cost. The domain name will last for a year. After a year, you’ll have to start paying for domains; this is usually about $20/year or even less.

#2. Standard Package ($149+State Fees)

The standard package is more expensive than the basic package. Well, that was expected. An interesting thing about the standard package is that it comprises everything from the basic package and extras. $149 plus a state fee is required to get this plan.

Here are some of the perks you’d enjoy using this package:

  • Banking Resolution: The banking resolution is exclusive to only standard package owners. It’s the document listing individuals that are authorized to open bank accounts for LLC. The banking resolution feature is entirely redundant, as EIN is also a part of the whole package.
  • Operating Agreement (LLC): In this package, the document adequately outlines your company’s ownership structure and clearly defines several rules and regulations about LLC operation.
  • Organizational Minutes: This form, exclusive to only standard package owners, helps set up your company’s meetings with an LLC. This type of meeting is regarded as an organizational meeting. The law doesn’t need the meeting; you don’t need to hold it nor use it. However, this package is helpful in cases where you end up needing it.
  • Federal Tax ID Number (EIN): This is basically the business equivalent of a Social Security Number. The EIN is a nine-digit code that standard package owners enjoy. You can use this code in hiring employees, paying business taxes, and ultimately, opening bank accounts.

#3. Premium Package ($299+State Fees)

The premium package costs about $299, including a state fee. It comprises all the benefits of both the basic and the standard packages. Some extra features of the premium package include:

  • Digital Corporate Kit: This is an electronic version of a typical classy LLC kit. This feature symbolizes a seal representing your company and alongside a ledger to track down your ownership transfers and ultimately customize your stock certificates, assisting your ownership group.
  • Month Hosts and Business Website: Through Swyft Filings LLC’s collaboration with third-party websites, you can attain a basic business website derived from an existing template. Remember that hosting fees will be required, but this will be after the three-month free trial.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Swyft Filings LLC Service?

Let’s check out some of the pros and cons of using the Swyft Filings LLC Service.


  • With a base rate of $49, Swyft Filings LLC Service is one of the most affordable in the entire industry. The price point of Swyft Filings LLC is quite hard to beat as it’s $30 less than its closest contemporary, LegalZoom.
  • With Swyft Filings, you are assured of a 100% guarantee. The service company is ready to refund your fees with zero questions asked if you have a bad review for them.
  • Swyft Filings get positive feedback from their clients. No matter what websites you check online, you’ll find hundreds of positive feedback from Swyft filings users.
  • For cash-strapped entrepreneurs, Swyft Filings permits LLC formation payment in instalments rather than payment at once. That could result in a big difference for other service companies on tight budgets.
  • Even Swyft Filings’ most affordable formation package comprises a 30-minute business consult and lifetime alerts from companies, so although the service is quite expensive, it’s still not an offering that’s stripped down.


  • None of Swyft Filings LLC’s formation package possesses a registered service agent. This is a feature that other service companies in the industry possess.
  • Its registered agent at $149 per quarter is considered VERY expensive.

Does Swyft Filings LLC Offer Good Value to Its Customers?

This is a popular question often asked by individuals looking to employ the services of Swyft Filing LLC. Well, Yes! Let’s try to enumerate the good values. These values include:

  • Creating customer’s LLC with the state
  • A year of free registered agent service
  • An operating agreement that is customizable

Asides from Swyft Filings LLC, another LLC service alternative offering these values is ZenBusiness.

Major Alternatives for Swyft Filings

Although Swyft Filings LLC’s service is excellent, several other service companies offer similar services as Swyft Filings LLC, if not better. These alternatives are also perfect fits for your businesses. Let check out major alternatives for Swyft Filings LLC:

#1 Alternative for Swyft Filings: ZenBusiness

Well, we won’t really be talking about ZenBusiness, but it’s highly recommended! It’s one of the LLC services with the best overall value. ZenBusiness pricing is a bit lower than Swyft Filings LLC’s Package pricing. The lowest pricing is at $39, and it also includes a year of adequately registered agent service. If your priority is getting the least price for LLC formation, ZenBusiness is an excellent option for you.

Curious about ZenBusiness? – read our full review of Zenbusiness here.

$49 + State Fees

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zenbusiness logo new-min

ZenBusiness is the top-rated LLC service with one the best quality to price ratios in the market. It ranks #1 in our best LLC services list.

#2 Alternative for Swyft Filings: Northwest Registered Agent

The Northwest Registered Agent was established in 1998, and it’s known for its outstanding customer support and services. It’s a decent alternative for Swyft Filings LLC as it’s a trusted midsize company that grants affordable business operations online.

However, the Northwest Registered Agent isn’t a good option for company owners on a budget in terms of pricing. This service agent starts its pricing at $225, and you can recall that Swyft Filings LLC starts its pricing at $49. A major pro of this service agent is that it grants about 12 months of free registered agent service when companies order LLC service packages. 

This service agent is also one of the few service agents that takes adequate time to scan every document retrieved by the company. In contrast, several competitors tend only to scan government documents.

Asides from all of this, there are thousands of positive reviews about the Northwest Registered Agent Available online. You should also try out this service agent as a company.

If you want to learn more about it – we recommend taking a look at our in-depth Northwest’s review.


Northwest Registered Agent is one of the top-rated LLC services with one the best customer support in the market. It ranks #2 in our best LLC services list.

3rd Party Reviews and Testimonials Of Swyft Filings

When searching the internet, Swyft Filings got quite a lot of reviews from their customers – compiled throughout all sites it’s way over 38,000+ individual reviews.

On their Trustpilot profile – Swyft Filings has a great 4.7 rating from around 5000 reviews.

When looking at Sitejabber reviews of Swyft Filings – they have a rating of 4/5 out of ~32,000+ reviews.

When looking at Swyft Filings Google reviews, they only have ~100 reviews and a total rating of only 1.5 stars.

Better Business Bureau rated Swyft Filings for 4.5/5.

Here we collected a few positive reviews from their Trustpilot page:

And here are some negative ones:

Is Swyft Filings LLC Service Really the Best for You? 

Swyft Filings LLC service is a great company that has generated a lot in the past few years they’ve been in the industry. The Swyft Filings LLC service has gotten quite popular for an awful reason.

Here’s it, their customers claimed to have had regrets about working with Swyft Filings instead of their alternatives; they said they weren’t efficient.

✔ When to Collaborate with Swyft Filings LLC 

Study your company; if you notice that the combination of low prices, swift processing times, and ultimately, a 100% satisfaction guarantee from a company on its way to stardom draws your attention, you should probably opt-in for Swyft Filing LLC service.

✖ When NOT to Collaborate with Swyft Filings LLC

The absence of registered agent service in all of Swyft Filings LLC packages is a major con for this service agent. Most Swyft Filing LLC alternatives offer a full-year guarantee at zero cost, but Swyft Filing LLC service charges customers $149 for the service (QUARTERLY!).

Before The Final Verdict…

Before we draw out a final verdict, let’s have a close look at everything Swyft Filings offers and discuss what services are considered great deals and which ones can be adequately ignored.

  • Annual Report: Many states need some sort of report either biennially or annually from company owners. With these reports, the state remains updated regarding the basics of every company on the state, like the company’s original name, company address, and lots more. This price point is relatively high; at $99, not all entrepreneurs can afford it. A simple document in several states represents the annual report.
  • Initial Report: A few states demand something similar to an annual report when entrepreneurs launch their businesses. If you happen to be an entrepreneur that operates your LLC in one of these few states, you should seek the services of Swyft Filing LLC as they help take care of this requirement. This particular service goes for $55.
  • RAS- Registered Agent Service: The agent service isn’t included in Swyft Filings formation packages even though they charge a higher rate than their top alternatives. They charge about $150 annually for their formation packages. You can purchase a similar service from running competitions with companies for less.
  • Conversion: Are you looking to convert your corporation to a typical LLC? Well, Swyft Filings can quickly help you accomplish that as they can compile the necessary paperwork for about $200. Some Swyft Filings alternatives don’t offer this service at all.
  • S Corporation Tax Election: If you want your LLC taxed adequately like a typical S corporation, you’ll need a form that only Swyft Filings LLC can devise effectively. IncFile offers this type of service at $50. This is a reasonable alternative as Swyft Filings LLC offers the service at $99.
  • EIN: It is relatively easy to get your own EIN from a certified IRS, so basically, it’s entirely possible but unnecessary to spend up to $79 to have Swyft Filings LLC obtain one on your company’s behalf. This is only a little higher than the standard price in the industry, which is about $70.
  • DBA Name: This is an excellent alternative to creating a business entity because it provides customers with the legal right to use an assumed company name. The price point for the DBA name is $99, and this is seen as an industry standard.
  • Foreign Qualification: If you already have an existing LLC in a different state, you’ll need to properly file a qualification rather than a mere formation. Because LegalZoom charges about $230 and an alternative, IncFile charges just about $149 for this particular service. Well, this is quite acceptable but not impressive as the price point is relatively high.
  • Digital LLC Kit: This service is an online document storage feature. $99 is quite a high price point because it’s for cloud-based document storage. As a matter of fact, several competitors offer related services at no extra cost.
  • Business License Research Package: This feature comprises a uniform list of all the permits and certifications of the company, including federal, local, and state law permits. You need to have a certified license for yourself, but it’s pretty helpful to own a list of all the necessary things you require.
  • Amendments: If amendments are needed in your company’s formation documents, Swyft Filings can conveniently help you execute these amendments at $99; this service also comes with a state fee. There’s a general price point for this service, $99.
  • Operating Agreement: Swyft Filings LLC charges about $35 for a well-customized operating agreement. An operating agreement with Swyft Filings LLC  is a great deal, which is seen when you consider other alternatives. Its alternatives tend to charge the same rate, and here, you get to customize by yourself.
  • Seller’s Permit: This document is in charge of signing your business up. You need to sign your business to pay up sales tax in your state. Not many Swyft Filings LLC alternatives offer seller’s permits. It is only impressive to see this service agent offering this service. The seller’s permit goes for about $129.

Final Thoughts

At $49, it has been recorded that Swyft Filings LLC offers the lowest price points for several company formations that we’ve come across online. Swyft Filings LLC also guarantees effective services, and they have thousands of positive reviews available online.

However, the absence of adequately registered agent service in their standard packages is seen as a major con. This has prevented the service agency from making it to the top LLC formation services in the industry.

Overall, Swyft Filings is a great option for those who are looking for an affordable LLC formation option. BUT… As we mentioned, lack of vital features in their low-tier package puts their rating at a 6 out of 10.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got Swyft Filings questions? Well, here are some frequently asked questions and their answers:

Established in 2012, Swyft Filings have successfully served thousands of business owners up till this present moment. A major claim of Swyft Filings to fame is their thousands of positive reviews. These positive reviews online are enough to tell you Swyft Filings is legit!

We all know that there are a lot of LLC services available in the industry. If you’d prefer a better idea of how Swyft Filings builds up on popular and top-rated LLC services among its alternatives, look at our top-rated LLC services.

This is quite a tricky question to answer. If a friend asked whether Swyft Filings is worth putting to utilization, we would mention that we appreciate their various price points and positive feedback and that several better options could be found in the industry.

Ultimately, we would recommend either Northwest Registered Agent or ZenBusiness. These companies comprise 12 months of registered agent service in their formation packages; Swyft Filings doesn’t have this feature.

After a thorough check, we could not find coupons, selloffs, promo codes, or any form of discount. Their price points are pretty reasonable, but we expected to see something that Will knock off their competitors, making them more effective like ZenBusiness.

Yes. Swyft Filings has a practical and helpful care support service. Their representatives are available from 10 am to 7 pm every business day. They are always ready to field your questions during this period.

With a great Swyft Filings LLC service, you are assured of 100% satisfaction in services rendered, and this includes LLC formation. If you’re not happy with any service rendered, you can quickly seek refunds with zero questions asked.

As an entrepreneur, you will always have this option, and in fact, only a few entrepreneurs are capable of establishing their LLCs. The problem here is that it could be considerably extra work than some might have predicted, as you’ll be required to track down your requirements for compliance.

Some entrepreneurs also decide to hire lawyers to establish their LLCs; this is way more expensive than the normal Swyft Filings LLC Service that we encounter online.

Reserving a business name just before hiring the service of Swyft Filings is very unnecessary. This is basically because acquiring a chosen name occupies a larger part of the whole process.

The only acceptable reason for reserving business names beforehand is if you’re not prepared to establish your LLC, and you want your name to be readily available when your business setup is complete, or if you’re building your business in a state that requires business names to be adequately reserved before the LLC formation process.

Yes, absolutely! One of the most soothing aspects of the LLC service is the fact that anyone can establish one. It has nothing to do with your availability, whether you’re an American resident or citizen.

A wide number of LLC formation services fail to offer state-specific compliance requirements. However, Swyft Filings is capable.

In their own words: “There are some states that will need business owners to publish a business formation note in several local newspapers like Pennsylvania, New York, Arizona, and Nebraska. This requirement could be easily met by simply using Swyft Filings Service.

You can reach out to Swyft Filings support via phone at 877-777-0450 and via email address [email protected]. You can also decide to reach out to their support team by simply filling out the online contact form on their official website, and you’ll get a response either by email or contact number. This whole process can be accomplished in minutes.

Yes, but not to the public. There are some third-party partnerships that Swyft Filings has, and these partnerships tend to demand your personal information at times.

However, if you’re keen on your privacy, you can notify Swyft Filings, letting them know that you want to opt-out of any extra features. If you don’t want to go through this stress, just use Northwest Registered Agents; they don’t disclose customers’ info or try to push irrelevant add-ons.


Is Swyft Filings a Good Option for Your New LLC?

Overall, Swyft Filings is a good service, its base package is quite cheap and competitive. But lack of registered agent service in their cheapest option and some issues with support and TAT makes it a bit inferior to our top-rated LLC services.
Oh.. and don’t forget that their Registered Agent service addon costs a staggering $149 per quarter!

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