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ZenBusiness Review – All You Need To Know About It (Are They The Best?)

Ranked #1 On Our Best LLC Service List

Busy enough to file business formation paperwork on your own? Looking for a wallet-friendly and professional business formation service? Want to make sure you will be partnering with a highly commendable LLC formation service?

Well, the search is over. Subscribe to any package that ZenBusiness offers to unfold a wide range of services packed in perfect bundles that will definitely satisfy your incorporation needs.

Still not convinced? Read on to find out how it went for us when we purchased their cheapest service package to make this review.

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ZenBusiness Overview in a Nutshell

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Sneak Peek: ZenBusiness Got 9/10

ZenBusiness established itself as one of the top-rated business formation services available out there after forming over 150,000+ businesses since 2015. Despite being young, Texas-based ZenBusiness has already garnered hundreds of positive reviews and has even surpassed the industry’s standards. When we’ve tried their service ourselves we were pretty much convinced of that.

However, just like any other formation service provider, unveiling how good or bad they are as a partner is always worthwhile. Prior to availing any of their packages, it is vital to understand the pros and cons of using their services, as well as the cost and whether or not they meet your demands.

To lessen your workload, just stick to this review as we reveal everything that you deserve to know concerning ZenBusiness but before that, we would like to introduce to you first the factors that we considered in reviewing ZenBusiness.

Main Review Points:

  • Cost Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Customer Service
  • Ease of Process
  • Service Speed

These review points are the highlights of this review. These will help you come up with the most appropriate decision and guide you in understanding why we gave ZenBusiness a score of 9/10.

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To be honest, one of the reasons why we scored ZenBusiness 9 out of 10 is because we believe it is everyone’s aim to work with a firm that prioritizes customers and their businesses. We realized that this runs in the blood of ZenBusiness. Not only did ZenBusiness come out on top as the finest business formation service provider, but we also found their cost exceptional, competitive, and undoubtedly customer-friendly, as they offer their cheapest package for only $49 (this is the package we’ve tried out).

They even established a positive online presence for most of their customers’ feedback are entirely favorable with high average rating scores. These only show how dedicated this company is in staying true to their mission of helping out new entrepreneurs in establishing and maintaining their businesses through an affordable yet high-quality service.

Is ZenBusiness The Right Partner For You? In-depth Review of Their Features

Overall Pricing and Value – 10/10

With small business owners in mind, ZenBusiness has carefully crafted LLC creation solutions. When compared to all other LLC services on the internet formation market, these are high-quality bundles at a much reduced price. They also offer a variety of additional useful items that cater to businesses of all sizes. With that, we found that ZenBusiness is the best overall solution.

ZenBusiness’s Starter package, which costs $49 and includes full preparation and filing of your articles of incorporation, registered agent service, and an operating agreement template, is our personal favorite.
This is the package we personlly used and tried to make this review happen.

If you upgrade to their $149/year Pro plan, you will get a managed yearly report and compliance management service, EIN and a banking resolution template, making this plan extraordinary and well worth the money.

Meanwhile, we believe that their most costly plan, the Premium package, which costs $249 per year, is likewise good value. However, we love and suggest the first two packages the most because no other bundles out there can compare to them.

Track Record – 8/10

Despite being one of the newest firms in the business formation field, this Texas-based start up founded in 2015, with its dedicated staff, has paved a way for themselves in this competitive market through fully embracing technology and the benefits it offers.

Through this, ZenBusiness completes a number of business services online – the main reason behind their lower rates which appeals to the masses and most especially, to their loyal customers. We had first-hand experience with their exceptional service.

As a result, ZenBusiness has already formed thousands of firms in their few years of operation and they even expect to form over a million new enterprises in the years ahead.

Customer Support – 8/10

ZenBusiness’s website includes a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page as well as a Help Center with a collection of articles that can answer client questions. A customizable dashboard and real-time chat support are included with the Starter Option and all programs above it.

During normal business hours, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Central Time, the website also provides real-time chat support. Customers can also contact the company by phone or email for more information.

And you can call them via number 1-844-493-6249 on Mon–Fri from 8am – 8pm Central time or Sunday, 10am – 7pm Central time.

However, there have been a number of complaints concerning ZenBusiness’s customer support, which has been accused of failing to acknowledge or handle concerns and difficulties in a timely manner. ZenBusiness replied to the majority of these concerns through the TrustPilot website and the Better Business Bureau, however several complaints remain unresolved.

When we’ve tried to call them and ask about the availability of their cheapest package (which is the one we planned to use) — the phone was answered within ~20-40s. which is great. The support representative that was talking to use seemed very welcoming, patient and actually knowlegeable in the LLC formation field (which he should be, of course).

Still, regardless of how a consumer contacts them, it looks like they are making an effort to fix any difficulties.

Ease of Placing an Order – 10/10

Indeed, the exact point of using a formation service is to save time and resources by outsourcing this critical step. Thankfully, ZenBusiness is unlike most of its competitors and is a perfect fit for this.

When we visited their page and tried to order the “Starter” plan here’s what happened:

Filling out the ZenBusiness LLC creation service order form takes only a few minutes, and the instructions are straightforward. All you have to do is choose whatever package you want to buy, submit some basic information about your business (like your LLC name, etc.) as if you were opening a new social media account, and they will handle the rest.

Though there are few upsells and third-party offers scattered throughout the process, they are very subtle so you will not get irritated during the whole course, since those upsells might actually be beneficial in each individual case.

Overall Turnaround Time – 8/10

Unlike other organizations in this market, ZenBusiness organizes your formation speed based on the package or rush filing you select.

When compared to other formation services, ZenBusiness is either on level with or somewhat ahead of them, so you will not have to wait long or be disappointed.

As previously stated, it is crucial to remember that your formation state may cause these estimates to differ somewhat, so if you want a precise estimate, go to their website, choose your state, and get an instant response.

For example, when we ordered the “Starter” package (with no rush filing) in Maryland we received all the information within ~5 days. So I would say it’s pretty quick, considering the price!

Total Rating: 9/10!

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ZenBusiness Service Plans, Features, Add-ons, & Pricing

ZenBusiness appears to be similar to any of its competitors with its three tiers of business products whereas they are not – their deals are coupled with outstanding value, which makes them stand out. Their LLC formation options, which include Starter, Pro, and Premium, are well-curated and significantly less expensive than those offered by their competitors.

To give a full account of their plans, features, add-ons, and pricing, we detailed below each to help you identify the plan and services that suit you the best.

1. Starter ($49 + State Fee)the one we personally used

Overview: ZenBusiness Starter is best for you if you are looking for a low-cost way to form your LLC as other service providers charge hundreds of dollars more for similar LLC features and perks included here. This is also perfect for you if you are willing to allot a little extra time for other needs like applying for an Employer Identification Number (EIN).

What’s Included:

  • Name Availability Search: ZenBusiness will scan your formation state’s business database to see if the business name you want is available or if it has already been claimed by another organization.
  • Articles of Organization: These refer to the forms required by the state to formally establish your new LLC. With the Starter plan, ZenBusiness will draft your articles of incorporation, which will subsequently be filed with your state of formation.
  • Registered Agent Service: All LLCs in the United States are required to appoint a registered agent – a person or business organization who receives critical document deliveries from the state on your behalf and forwards them to you.
    By signing up for the Starter plan, ZenBusiness will give you a 12-month free trial, which you can continue for $119/year.
  • Operating Agreement: An operating agreement specifies the ownership structure of your organization as well as certain ground rules for how the LLC will run. A template will be provided by ZenBusiness to assist you in creating your own operating agreement.
  • Worry-Free Accounting Assessment: To help you identify your bookkeeping, accounting, and tax needs, ZenBusiness offers a free accounting and tax assessment. These will all be managed in-house, with no involvement from a third-party source, so there will be no hidden fees to be concerned about.

2. Pro ($149 + State Fee)

Overview: If you are a new business owner looking for the necessary LLC services to get your business up and operating, the ZenBusiness Pro package is for you. This package provides you and other new business owners with the core services at an affordable price.

What’s Included:

Everything from the Starter package, plus…

  • Federal Tax ID Number (EIN): An EIN is a nine-digit number code that allows your LLC to open company bank accounts, recruit staff, and submit taxes, among other things. ZenBusiness will obtain one for you once you sign up for a Pro plan.
  • Worry-Free Guarantee: This service includes the creation and submission of your annual report, as well as two annual amendments. In case you miss a state filing date, ZenBusiness will even assist you in regaining your good status.
  • Banking Resolution: ZenBusiness will provide you with a banking resolution template – a form indicating who has the authorization to open a business bank account for your LLC.

3. Premium ($249 + State Fee)

Overview: If you want a totally stress-free and seamless experience, then Premium ZenBusiness LLC formation package is for you! ZenBusiness will handle almost all of the details associated with your  business so that you do not have to deal with any of them. Instead, you can concentrate on marketing and developing your business.

What’s Included:

Everything from the Pro package, plus…

  • Domain Name Registration: They will get your company’s website a domain name and set up a domain administration dashboard for you.
  • Rush Filing Speed: Your LLC’s document filings will be prioritized over those of Starter and Pro Plan customers.
  • Domain Name Privacy: This feature prevents your personal information from being made public as a result of your domain name registration.
  • Business Email Address: Premium users will receive a business email account with 5GB of storage capacity.
  • Business Website: ZenBusiness will assist you in creating a business website in addition to privately registering a domain name for your firm.

Optional ZenBusiness Add-ons That You Might Want

Like most of its competitors, ZenBusiness also offers services that you can purchase as an a la carte order or as an add-on to your chosen plan to help you in personalizing your business formation experience and further assist you in maintaining and growing your business.

So, we also uncovered ZenBusiness’ add-on offerings to see the pricing for each of these to give you an idea of how much extra cash you should prepare if you find a suitable add-on while signing up.

Let’s take a look at everything they have to offer and analyze which services are worthwhile and which you should avoid (if there are any).

  • Registered Agent Service ($99 or $119 per year)

If you purchase registered agent service as a stand-alone service, you must choose between the two options listed below:

1. $99 – includes online document storage, or

2. $149 – includes online document storage plus Worry-Free Compliance (costs $119/year on its own).

Compared to the price of the same service from other providers, this is definitely the best deal if you need assistance maintaining compliance with your state.

Remember, this is included in every package for free for the 1st year! This is what we got ourselves as well when ordering from ZenBusiness.

  • Operating Agreement Template ($35)

As previously mentioned, an operating agreement is another crucial element of any business; however, paying $35 for a template is not worth it when free templates can easily be found and downloaded online.

  • Expedited Processing ($50 or $100)

This add-on is only offered as a stand-alone function for Starter plan customers. The exact turnaround time is highly dependent on the state where you choose to put up your business and on the option you purchase. Ideally…

1. $50 – cuts your processing time in half

2. $100 – cuts it to about a quarter of the standard processing time

This is not a bad offer if you are in a hurry and do not want to pay for their Pro or Premium plans, which include improved processing.

  • Worry-Free Compliance ($119/year)

As previously indicated, this service is included in the Pro and Premium plans, but it can also be purchased separately for $119 annually. This includes help with your annual reports and other state filings, as well as two annual amendments which, if purchased alone, are worth $250.

This function is best purchased as part of a package (Pro or Premium) or with the upgraded registered agent service option because it is honestly not a good deal when purchased separately.

  • EIN – Employer Identification Number ($70)

It is really simple to obtain your own EIN from the IRS, therefore spending $70 to have ZenBusiness obtain it for your business is definitely unnecessary.

  • Annual Reports ($75)

The Worry-Free Compliance package includes annual report service but, $75 is already acceptable pricing for annual report service alone, rather than paying for it and amendments, which most entrepreneurs do not really require yearly.

Still, it is a better deal to bundle it with registered agent service.

  • Certificate of Publication ($200)

Some states require new LLCs to publish proof of incorporation in local newspapers. Luckily, ZenBusiness is one of the few options that provides this service. However, it is important to note that the real newspaper advertising fees are not yet included in the $200 pricing point.

  • Amendments ($100)

In case you need to amend your formation documents, we do not recommend that you purchase it as an ala carte order. It would be a much better deal to purchase the Worry-Free Compliance package in this situation as it includes two amendments and ongoing compliance service.

  • Certificate of Good Standing ($75)

This document verifies that your LLC is up to date and in compliance with all state rules. Although $75 is comparable to the industry’s standard, IncFile offers the same service for only $49.

  • Banking Resolution ($30)

Banking resolution is submitted to a bank to verify that the representative of your business has the authority to open an account under the company’s name. Actually, it is rarely required because EIN is accepted by most banks and as we all know, EIN can be obtained  for free from the IRS, saving you from this $30 fee.

  • Domain Name Registration ($25/year)

For $10-20 per year, you can personally register your own domain name, but if you prefer to have someone else do it for you, then availing it from ZenBusiness would not be a bad deal.

  • Business Email Address ($25 per year)

A secure business email address with 5 GB of storage will be provided by ZenBusiness. This is one of the distinct services they offer. Still, we highly recommend that you purchase this as part of their Premium plan for more cost savings.

  • Customizable Website Package ($100/year)

ZenBusiness will manage your domain registration and web hosting, as well as provide you customized website templates . Aside from its reasonable cost, availing this is not bad at all as it would be helpful in growing your business and your online presence.

  • Business License Report ($99)

This add-on is simply a list of all the licenses and permits required by your federal, state, and local legislation for your firm to operate legally. Although you will still have to apply for the licenses yourself, having a list of everything you will need is incredibly helpful in planning and processing the paperworks so you can make the most out of your time.

  • Business Document Templates ($100)

By purchasing this, You will gain access to more than 25 templates, allowing you to write contracts, waivers, and other documents.

  • Business Bank Account ($110/year)

ZenBusiness will open and give you access to a bank account for your business. Honestly, you can just disregard this, given that in many circumstances, you can simply go to a bank and open an account for free.

  • Business Name Reservation ($50)

Through purchasing this, ZenBusiness will reserve your selected business name with the state if you are not yet ready to register your LLC. If you do decide to register a business name, the method is usually straightforward so it is unnecessary to reserve one. It is also essential to keep in mind that state fees are not included in this price.

Pros and Cons of ZenBusiness


  • Affordability: ZenBusiness is one of the most cost-effective LLC services accessible, with prices starting at $49. This saves you up to $40 over the competition. With their Pro plan, they even give everything your business requires plus, you can get add-on services at the lowest costs available.
    Although other rivals may offer lower pricing, their bundles lack critical services as compared to the well-curated and jam-packed plans of ZenBusiness.
  • Seamless Experience: ZenBusiness offers optional features/services in a classy manner, unlike some other businesses that try to intimidate or manipulate the customer into purchasing add-on services. With that, the total experience feels both easy, fast, and exciting.
  • Customer Reviews: Currently, Zenbusiness has around 8,000+ online reviews and it is observable that a vast majority of these feedback are recommendations. Since 2015, this has been one of the assets of ZenBusiness. Despite their newness, they already hooked customers and their trust.
  • Extended Customer Support: Since 24/7 customer service is truly impossible in the business world, ZenBusiness offer extended customer support hours:
    Monday to Friday 8 am – 8 pm central time + Sunday, 10 am – 7 pm central time
    Chat: zenbusiness.com
    Phone: 1-844-493-6249
    Email: [email protected] (expect a reply within one business day)
    This extended customer support is intended to address more inquiries and concerns and to assist or walk through the entire process with new customers.
  • Advocacy: Another good quality of ZenBusiness is that they are a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), which means they are a socially conscious organization that is focused on doing social, economic, and/or environmental good while expanding as a business.
    They have a collaboration with Kiva.org to help people get out of poverty by lending money to women and minority-owned companies.
    Meanwhile, in 2020, ZenBusiness donated over $100,000 in grants to small businesses to help them overcome the hurdles brought by the pandemic and to serve their purpose and mission as a PBC and an LLC formation service provider


  • Limited Website Templates: Indeed, it is a plus that ZenBusiness offers website building services as most competitors do not have such service. However, since website building is not their primary business, their capacity to make it more appealing and worth the money is still off-track. For instance, their website templates are very limited which also sets the limitation and marketability of your website.

3rd Party Reviews and Their Customer Testimonials

Despite being relatively new to the industry, ZenBusiness has established itself as a reliable and trusted service, having formed over 150,000 firms so far. With that, they were able to obtain an A-rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Don’t just take our word for it, check out what other people are saying about them.

Aside from that, the vast majority of their client reviews are positive, they maintain a superb 4.8 rating on TrustPilot! Most clients commended the company’s efficiency and ease of use. They are surely time-bound, so you will probably obtain your docs sooner than expected. Delays, on the other hand, are always unpredictable and possible so patience should always be in your pocket

To give you a glimpse of how verified customers of ZenBusiness find their overall experience, we compiled below a few reviews from TrustPilot to give you a general idea of their service:

Positive Testimonials:

And here are some negative ones:


Is ZenBusiness The Best Choice For You?

Although ZenBusiness has many advantages, it may not be the best choice for every business. With what we have told you, you might already know the answer to the question: Is ZenBusiness right for you? Despite this, we still prepared additional reasons or instances that may influence your decision and they are as follows:

When TO Use Them?

Use ZenBusiness if you are looking for one of the most reasonable LLC services with the best overall value. Also, they are a socially responsible business with a high level of client satisfaction.

So if you want to make a good choice and not worry about other options – visit zenbusiness and start today (just like we and many others doen).

When NOT To Use Them?

There are alternative LLC creation providers that offer faster response times than ZenBusiness if you are in a hurry to get your firm started.

ZenBusiness Substitutes and Alternatives

With so many organizations offering formation services, we understand that you’re reading this review not just to learn everything there is to know about ZenBusiness, but also to find out about cheaper alternatives. As we normally do, we looked for two other organizations with whom you can work and who would best suit your company’s needs.

ZenBusiness Alternative #1: Northwest Registered Agent

A similar service is provided by Northwest Registered Agent. In fact, Northwest Registered Agent and ZenBusiness offer nearly identical products and services. On the other hand, Northwest has only 1 package (which actually makes it more simple). The company’s more basic and straightforward checkout process, in general, is an advantage of Northwest.

If you’re curious enough – we recommend taking a look at our in-depth Northwest’s review.


Northwest Registered Agent is one of the top-rated LLC services with one the best customer support in the market. It ranks #2 in our best LLC services list.

ZenBusiness Alternative #2: IncFile

IncFile is a good option if you want a service that is solely focused on business creation. Although their basic business formation plan is free, all business types are required to pay government filing costs. There is, however, a catch. You will not have a choice but to avail their Gold package if you want IncFile to help you with your operating agreement which costs $149/year. This bundle would turnout to be significantly more expensive than the one offered by ZenBusiness.

Want to know more? – read our full Incfile review here.


IncFile is one of the best-known names in LLC formation services. It ranks #3 in our top LLC service list. It’s a definitely good choice for those who want to save some $$.
Form your LLC today with Incfile – visit www.incfile.com.

Final Judgement

Do we recommend ZenBusiness?

Honestly, we don’t …we don’t just recommend it, but we HIGHLY recommend it!

To give a score of 9/10 is a first for this site and for them to be the first LLC formation service to get this means we are confident in recommending them.

ZenBusiness has a number of key characteristics that distinguish it as a strong company and one of the top online formation services.

They will give you a hassle-free LLC formation and incorporation at an affordable fee, as well as an entirely online formation procedure that is quick and straightforward from start to end and includes all you need – we had the opportunity to experience it first hand.

We adore and even endorse to new entrepreneurs their $49 Starter plan because of the incredible value-for-money it offers, and it gets rave ratings from customers as well. Despite the fact that ZenBusiness does not have the same degree of experience as larger incorporators like LegalZoom or IncFile, given the fact that they have filed and formed thousands of LLCs since 2015, we believe that they will continue to improve on its already stellar track record in the years ahead.

Overall, ZenBusiness is a wonderful option if you are starting a business on a low budget and need an incorporation service with a lot of bang for your buck. Their many merits, in our opinion, considerably outweigh their few negatives, earning them a final rating of 9/10.


ZenBusiness is a company that has been around since 2015. Despite being a newcomer to the industry, they have already founded thousands of businesses. They benefit greatly from customer feedback which is currently around 8,000, giving them 4.8 average rating out of 5 stars. Their short response times and general ease of use appear to have wowed and hooked their clients.

They will give you 12 months free and the option to renew at $119/year after that.

There are two different ZenBusiness packages that we highly recommend, depending on your budget and the needs of your business. Of course, we firstly recommend their Starter plan, which costs just $49 and provides everything you need to start your LLC. Personally, it was enough for us.

Their $149 Pro subscription, which includes an EIN, managed annual report service, and a banking resolution template, meanwhile is another good deal that we could endorse.

As previously stated, ZenBusiness includes registered agent service with all of its incorporation packages – a terrific method to assure your company’s continuous compliance.

They will also take care of your annual reports, supply you with two amendments every year, and even assure that they will assist you in restoring your good status if you ever miss a filing date through availing their “Worry Free Guarantee” as a stand-alone service.

As per their refund policy:

“Once ZenBusiness has submitted your business for filing with the State under no circumstances can you charge-back or dispute the fees associated with forming your business. If you contact ZenBusiness before your business has been submitted for filing with the State, ZenBusiness may refund the charge, less a $50 cancellation fee, if certain conditions are met.”

The processing speeds of ZenBusiness LLC are determined by a mix of state capabilities, the level of package you ordered, and on rush filing if you ever availed it.

Generally, they are as quick as or faster than many other LLC services. But, if you prefer a more specific answer to this, you can visit their website, enter your information in their page, and see how long it would take to start an LLC in your state.

For us it took around 5 days. Which is very fast, in our opinion.


Is ZenBusiness a Perfect Option for Your New LLC?

We proved that ZenBusiness is an outstanding, trustworthy option with few and forgivable drawbacks after all that we learned. They are a particularly smart choice for newbies who want to construct their LLC with a smaller, more personalized team that offers a wide range of cheap but high-quality services.

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